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  1. ok the weirdest thing happened today

    it finally got warm and I needed a square so I went out to lunch with my friends (this is not allowed at my school, but everyone does it). we go out and come back just fine.

    later I get called down to the office, was escorted, and told to bring my stuff (means your in a lot of trouble)

    turns out the alley we stopped for a square bust had a video recording type thing set up by one of the neighbors. they have us on video smoking and my friend taking a piss.

    got suspended for 2 days :(
  2. Is this because of previous illegal activity the recording device was set up?

    Or was it just bitch ass neighbours.

    I'm pretty sure (laws could be different) that there must be a sign or at least a camera in plain view if public recording is going to take place.
  3. You got off lucky, 2 days isn't too bad.
  4. yea im just happy im not getting in trouble for tresspassing or getting a smoking ticket. the alley is private property.
  5. 'scuse me for asking, but whats a square?
  6. What state are you in?

  7. I believe a sqaure is a joint and or a cig, im not sure though.
  8. fuck you got off easy i just got suspended for smelling like weed for 10 days

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