Suspended From School Stories?

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  1. Share your suspended from school stories.
    I got suspended for stink bombs in highschool aha.

  2. I made a floppy disk bomb never caught though lol.

    My mate filled all the toilets with some sort of cellulose mix, gummed up the plumbing something fierce - 2 weeks in house suspension
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    Thats funny, I actually did the same thing one time and put them in the ventilation system and got caught.  Didn't get suspended but one of my teachers walked into the bathroom when I was handling some of them along with a friend,after we threw them in the vents. He took them from me and threw them on the ground and busted them then left the bathroom quickly and held the door shut so we had to endure the smell..looking back that is pretty hilarious
    Otherwise I was given in-school suspension like 5 times from 8-9th grade
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  5. 2nd grade:suspended because i threatened to shoot an annoying kid.

    6th grade: i got in a fight in gym class but it got broken up quick. Then the pussy ass kid told the principal i broke his glasses and got all his friends as witnesses saying i broke his glasses and shit. I know i didn't break his glasses, cuz i didn't get a hit there. So i got suspended for a couple days and my parents had to pay for his glasses. The same kid ratted on me in 4th grade for bringing a gameboy to school. Now hes a wannabe latin king.

    9th grade: i brought a gun to school. Because someone wanted to buy it. During lunch i passed it under the table, I thought nobody would be lookin. So i got caught up at my next class, there two cops and one of the vice principles. Then i got expelled.

    11th grade: i skipped so much school and started sleepin in alot. The vice principle said i had the worst attendence in school. So i got expelled and sent to an alternative school. In that school everyone was a stoner and that's where i became more of a stoner.
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  6. About 2 and a half years ago I was going to school drinking in the morning, and I'd chug a 4 loko then toss it in my friends locker every other day. After a few days, there were just cans piling up until they fell and rolled down the hall towards a group of teachers and principles lol. I got suspended for one week and sent home early on a Thursday without having to go in on Friday, too. The best part, this was all just over a week before Christmas vacation, so I just told everyone I'd be back "next year" and had an extended break! Other than that, I just got in school suspension for random shit, never got caught with anything else though. :)
  7. I was once late for school like 4 times in 2 weeks (if i miss school bus its 3 buses public transportation) my vice principal called me to the office. She basically said "if your late again your getting suspended. Then i replied "So instead of taking 3 buses to school and catch 3 and a half periods out of 4 you want me to stay home? I was like bomb. Everytime i woke up late i told my mom id get suspended so i got to stay home.
  8. Where do I start?! I was out of control back then, but I've calmed down :p 8th grade I got suspended for beating a kids head open. He refused to stop touching me so I beat him over the head. 9-11th grade I mostly got suspended for problems with unmentionables and one fight where I bashed some girls face in for messing with my unmentionables a couple times and some other stuff, I beat her outside of my house but on my way home from school so they said I was "still in school". Yep. Nothing interesting unless I detailed every story.
  9. threw a pencil at my best mates eye in grade 5 after an argument, it hit him, got suspended.
    In grade 9 we had this bitch arse teacher called 'mrs slagter', pronounced slag-ter, and yes, she was a fucking slag.. basically half of our homeclass got suspended for chanting "suck my balls!" to her throughout class after sending a guy to the teachers room FOR DOING NOTHING. we even had to come back in summer break and clean dirty lockers.
  10. I spend a lot of my school year suspendd i once got suspended for shooting the fire extinguisher at all the math books haha i got suspemded for peeing on the teachers bathroom door knob haha i got suspdnded for doing a lot of dumb shit i cant remember all of them

    -Stayupp g

  11. Fighting, selling fake weed(6th grade), selling weed, cussing(7th grade), selling weed(8th grade expelled), passed out on pills in class(9th grade expelled).
    haha in 7th grade i was being really immature and In class put hand sanitizer in my hands and said i jizzed in my hands. Yeah that was a hard one to explain to the school and my parents. Took a while to convince them i wasnt actually whackin it in fuckin class  :laughing:
  13. I got kicked out of school for selling joints out of my locker. Had to graduate from a continuation school.
  14. found my stink bomb video aha. got suspended for this shit
  15. A lot of these stories are quite douchey... 
  16. A real gun or a toy/BB gun type thing?
  17. I never did my work, I was always on ADHD meds, like tooo much, and always was zipping around being a smartass and shit to my teachers. Wellll, after 8 years of spanish, and 3 years with the same teacher, just barely passing, I finally started doing my work, and one afternoon when I turned in an assignment for that Spanish class, the teacher made the whole class stand up and applaud me...It embarassed me quite a bit for whatever reason, and I blurted out "Everyone sit the hell down, I cheated" so then the teacher said in her obnoxious sounding voince "Thas a CERO! YOUU A CHEATERR!! THATS A CERRRROOO CRISTOBAL! ! saying it Over and over and over, so since I was not down with getting a zero on the assignment, I thought for a split second and THEN MY DUMBASS SPEEDY MOUTH SAID
    I walked to the deans officce because of the look on the teachers face, and she wasn't keen on english so, she thought I had a real bomb in my locker, and the dean then interviewed three honors students that sat around me as it was a "semantics" argument.."Did he threaten with a bomb? or did he make a really reallly shitty comparison unacceptable at a school?  Due to my choice of words the kids knew me and knew what I meant, so they ruled in me not getting arrested, expelled, and other serious shit they were threatening with...I almost got some ridiculous fine too but lucked out with a mere 5 days suspension with o's on all the work, and two Saturday schools, all because I said that stupid shit to prove a dumbass point.
  18. I've done so many things to get suspended..
    I'll just post everything I did that I recall that got me suspended so prepare for a very long post
    Elementary school - I had this bully that never left me alone, we constantly got into arguments and fights and nobody would do anything about it. It went on for several weeks and I asked my dad what to do; he told me to defend myself if he starts shit with me again and that he'd deal with it if I got in trouble. So one day in computer class he started fucking with my computer, turning the monitor off, hitting random keyboard keys, stuff like that.. I was fed up and remembered what my dad told me, so I picked up my keyboard and slapped him across the face with it as hard as possible. Keyboard keys went flying everywhere and I can't remember but I'm pretty sure he cried. I got suspended for a week I think. From that point on until I graduated highschool, nobody ever fucked with me again.
    Middle school.. So many incidents
    First one that comes to mind is this stress reliever I tore open in the hallway. I was in homeroom and the teacher left for some reason so some other kids started searching through her desk and filing cabinets, they found some homemade stress relievers that were really thick balloons filled with flour. I didn't know this and me and my friend got passed one of them before the teacher came back and I decided I wanted to know what was inside. Class got out early and me and my friend were on the way to the bathroom to rip it open, but I couldn't wait and told my friend we'd do it right here right now (we were like ten feet from the bathroom.. what a dumbass decision)
    So we stretch this thing across the hallway and this thing stretches a good ten feet or so before EXPLODING open, sending the equivalent of about half a bag of flour all over the front of us and all over the hallway; just as it burst open the bell rang for homeroom to end and people starting pouring into the hallway. I remember the exact second it burst open me and my friend immediately hauled ass to the bathroom to clean ourselves up, I didn't even take a second to look at the mess we had caused. My black shirt was entirely covered in white flour and I tried using the hand driers to blow it all off, that didn't work so well. I found myself in the vice principal's office 20 minutes later, trying to deny everything. I got suspended for a day and had to pay for a new stress reliever (which i never actually did)
    Fast forward to the last week of school. Our final science project involved trying to cook a raw hotdog using a homemade cooker; we were given tons of cardboard and tin foil and the idea was to use the foil to direct the sun onto the hotdog and cook it. The entire 8th grade class was in on the project. End of the day we all had our cookers built and were outside seeing if they worked. Everybody figured out pretty quickly that they indeed didn't work, so complete chaos ensued. People were running around throwing raw hotdogs everywhere, kicking over and tearing apart the cookers, it was a complete disaster. The 4-5 teachers outside didn't even attempt to control the chaos of 150 kids running around throwing hotdogs and kicking things. I remember running over to random groups and annihilating their cooker then running away, stealing soda and chips from the teacher's table they had set up outside for themselves, and generally just fucking around. The teachers were cooking hotdogs on a real grill in order to compensate for the fact that none of our cookers worked, and as the teachers were preoccupied with that they had no chance at controlling the chaos which spread across this massive field outside the school. 
    After about 45 minutes everyone started to get bored and burnt out/there was nothing left to destroy, so the teachers took this opportunity to herd everybody back inside the building. On the way in, I saw a frog hopping across the sidewalk. Wanting to catch it, I chased after it to no avail. I got the bright idea to use my foot to pin it down so i could pick it up, and I stepped on it with more force than I had intended to. It laid there for a few seconds then hopped off just fine. Ten minutes later I found myself again in the vice principal's office, a teacher had watched me step on the frog and tried to claim I killed it. The principal had no clue what to do as far as punishment goes as something like that doesn't happen too often; He had to call the superintendent to ask how to punish me. The teacher claimed that I killed the frog the second I stepped on it, then "held it up like a trophy, laughing at the body". The teacher even went outside and found a dead frog and showed the principal as "proof". I know for a fact I didn't kill the frog, and the teacher found the body on the other side of the school where I had stepped on the actual frog. Of course it was my word against his and I ended up suspended the last three days of middle school.
    There's a ton of other times I got suspended for stupid shit but they're not very interesting stories; harassing teachers, stealing things, generally just being an ass and fucking around. I remember one time I got three referrals within one week at one point, can't remember why though..
  19. Ya'll were some crazy kids.

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