suspecting nutrient burn..Please Help

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    Hello all,
    This is my second grow first in which im using non pre-measured nutrients. First grow i just used what came with my bubbleponics unit with decent success. This grow i decided to use Humbolt Nutrients 3 part program with the normal (Grow, Micro,Bloom) using there feeding schedule linked below.HUMBOLDT NUTRIENTS FEEDING CHARTS ..Its the 9 week heavy one if anyone would like to view it. Anyway I measured everything correctly and added it to my res. and i seem to have burning going on my PH level is at 5.75 and 6.0. My temps are 79 so i dont think thats the problem, Plus im using CFL's to veg with and there 4in away with barely any heat coming off. Now if it is nutrient burn do i just flush my plants for a few days and then go back to adding nuet's at lets say 1/2 strength for a week then back to normal? Like a dumbass i drained my res today cleaned it and added back the week 2 of the schedule of nuets. If i have to drain and toos the ones i put in today then i will i just need a little help on what to do. Pics below and thanks in advance.


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