Suspected Idaho Murderer Bryan Kohberger

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  1. Only knowing what I have seen in the news,
    I was super surprised the guy has a PH'D in criminology!.
    If your that smart, that makes me ask more questions . Like why did he get caught ?
    If he didnt do it why didnt he turn himself in, EVERYONEEEEEEEEEEEEE KNEW they were looking for the white Hyundai.

    The justice system needs to be out for blood on who ever did this, but letting this case go cold case statues is big time embarrassment.
    My guess some peoples would of lost their job.

    How do you go straight into stabbing 4 people first time out ?
    Then to me the stuff he is doing in jail is little on the insane side .

    My regards to the surviving family and friends.
  2. He looks like he isn't playing with a full deck.
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  3. Well he drove his own car which some amateur discord/reddit crime people picked up on. My wife told me a week ago that some people were after a white hyundai and turns out that is what he drove
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  4. Seems his dad flew out to help drive him back.
    The car was stopped and ticketed twice . both to the father one for speeding one for following to close
  5. My mum drives a white Hyundai.
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  6. The body cam images I saw had the father in the passenger seat.
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  7. I thought the news reel said father was driving.
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  8. Nice info, the new reel i seen said the father was driving which is clearly wrong.

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