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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BryanDaniel, May 23, 2010.

  1. Just a little anecdote that I'm hoping I posted in the correct section. Anyways, a year or two ago I was at a Heal the Bay event. While a friend and I were cleaning the beach, we decided to see if we could find any trash in a nearby formation of rocks. While picking up the garbage over there, we ended up finding a vape bag that clearly still had some sort of vapor in it. Being the idiots that we are, she and I decided it would be funny to pop it. Let me just say that it was NOT funny after we did because whatever was trapped inside there was one of the most stale, wretched, disgusting things I have ever smelled. I think the moral of the story (if it has one) is if you see a suspicious vape bag, just walk away.
  2. This happened to me once with a lunchbox that I found in a ditch. I still don't know what that horrific black mass inside was, but whatever the fuck it was it smelled worse than a stripper's buttplug ever has the possibility of smelling.
  3. Good sir that was no vape bag, that was actually a fart bag; a bag used to trap farts.
  4. Yeah you find some funny ass stuff sometimes at these beach clean ups. That's what makes the whole thing worth it for me :D

    That sounds absolutely putrid and I'm sorry you had to go through that. I think we've both learned that it's best to just leave suspect items where we've found them.

    It was an honest mistake!! How was I supposed to know that people weren't vaping on the beach, and that they were actually farting in a bag on the beach?? I bet it was a fart bag and they left it there purposely waiting for some dummy like myself to come along and pop it. They were probably laughing their asses off watching my reaction from afar.
  5. I also like how if I were you and i still found another vape bag, i would definetaly pop it again to find out the mysterious vapor regardless of the high percentage chance of it being a homeless person just farting into bags again.
  6. Who would just leave a vape bag laying around?

  7. Not going to lie, if I found another, I'm sure I would pop it. I'd probably be hoping that this time it's different, when really I know in the back of my mind it will most likely be just as bad if not worse.
    ....Now that I think about it, what was I even hoping would happen if I popped it. Best case scenario would be.....:confused:

    My first thought.

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