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  1. I love sushi, its one of the few food i am always up for eating, but it has to be fresh. That said I'm going to go get a dragon roll.
  2. I love sushi... rolls... nigiri mmmm mmmmm.
  3. Sushi is fuckin great, even when sober :p
  4. I fall inbetween "its okay" and "I love it" :) Sushi is pretty fuckin good eats, thats for sure.
  5. depends what kind.. and by whom its made
  6. Yes, good sushi can't be beat. :hello:
  7. ya it depends wat kind, but if its the good kind thats a bit more expensive, OH MY GOD! its like a lil bite of heaven.

  8. dude i can't get enough of it.

    Only problem is that i can eat multible rolls of sushi but i never get full from it, for some reason.
  9. yeah i feel u on that....but its worth it just for the taste

  10. ii suffer from the same thing, i just went out to buy a dragon roll and i was goign to take it to go but i decided to eat it there freshly made and after i finished i ordered one to go >.<
  11. i went to Japan a couple years back and got to go to the Tokyo fish market. at a sushi restaurant right outside i saw the guys cutting up the fish that they use in their sushi right out back. it is still the most fresh and delicious thing i have ever ingested.
  12. Sushi is fucking bomb man. Best sushi I ever ate was at the Royal Pacific Resort.
  13. ha yeah all stoners would have that problem with sushi

    its not too filling...

    but man sushi high is the best...

    i used to spend 10$ per high on two sushi from publix

    and there was a nice ass sushi bar right down the street from me
  14. i buy my sushi in a little tiny resturaunt in miami beach right by the marina, and they are constantly getting fresh fish delievered, they only buy a limited amount of diffrent few every few hours so you always have the "freshest" ( dont think thats a word) sushi. By far my favorite sushi place. and to make it even better they are open from 9am to 5am.

  15. ha damn thats tight as hell

    never really thought about the fact that in orlando it probably isnt as good as right off the coast

    but if any of you guys ever been to kobé japanese steak house right across the street from universal

    you'd know orlando has got that dank sushi :laughing: straight fireee
  16. some sushi is good and some is just painful to try and swallow and keep down.
  17. I haven't tried it yet, but I want too.

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