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  1. Who heres loves some good o sushi and miso soup baked? Me and 3 friends smoked in his car on the way to see tropic thunder. we saw it baked, now that I'm with some sushi and miso soup and some tea! =)
  2. i had sushi baked today! it was delicious :smoke:
  3. hell yeah I had california rolls. so delicious.
  4. i love them, dont eat often enough.
  5. Sushi is spectacular. Unfortunately I've only had sushi twice in recent times.....

    But it makes it all the more enjoyable when I do have it :D
  6. I love "rock n roll" rolls, along with a few california rolls, some seafood tempura, and miso soup :smoke:
  7. salmon sushimi, green tea, and miso soup FTW!!!
  8. Sushi while being baked tastes like my mouth just had an orgasmic journey of deliciousness sent from the gods of food and taste in Heaven.

  9. i'd rep you but it won't let me.

    too bad, because what you just said is the truth incarnate
  10. Fucking Love sushi, especially tuna, mmm.
  11. oh god sushi is amazing!!!
    i first tried it when I was 5 and i was hooked ever since.....

    love sashimi too.... take a nice piece of salmon, add some lemon and soy.... it tastes incredible.... you don't even need the rice!!

    i love it all, california, salmon, tuna, yellowtail, eel, fish eggs...

    i really want some right now actually.... too bad it 1:30 AM.... not many sushi bars open this late

  12. Baked Lobster roll, yellowtail sashimi, salmon sashimi, and spiny tuna roll. Coke and hot saki. Can't beat that...:love:
  13. i want some tuna roll and miso soup
  14. sushi is by far my favorite food

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