Susan the speeding dwarf?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JointupJim, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. LONG STORY SHORT: plant: buddha seedbank's automatic 'red dwarf', feminised. age: 3 days height: 10cm :S ... Should this 8 week auto be this tall already? :O she's currently on my bedroom window which faces NORTH :/ Can't put her on south for security reasons :/ she is healthy as a horse by the looks of her, developing well and standing up straight with a clear set of true leaves already :) ... But 10cm in 3 days? :S i'm a little worried she's racing on a bit? She'll be going in the greenhouse down the garden as soon as my lab rats (tomatoes) confirm that the night time temperatures won't bump off my beautiful girl :/ i've only planted her so early so as to be ready for a certain date in april... So 2 questions really... Is she going too fast, and will she be OK out in the greenhouse?
  2. Love the plant name...

    Sounds like seedling stretch... If it's got a 10cm stem and only its first true leaves starting, just add soil up to the pod leaves... or re-enforce the stem with a popsicle stick or something.

  3. Ta very much loki ^^ she isn't bending at all and in fact seems to stand straighter every time i look :) i'll take your advice and give her some extra support tomorrow :)
  4. Ok i've taken some wilkinson's garden wire and bent it into a large loop to make a base, then it goes upwards and does a small loop about halfway up the stem, carries on up again and does another loop near the underside of the leaves... The plant does stand straight on it's own but i was thinking of just adjusting my frame over time and LSTing it to grow more horizontally for when it goes outside? Any thoughts people?

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