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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Apr 24, 2002.

  1. Why BPP do you want Ashley Judd to make an audition tape for you to go on the TV show Survivor?


    its 9 weeks away from work and the stresses of life.

    Now it may seem tough living in the wild, but if I played my cards right, I will be voted out first after three days in the wild and spend the rest of the time lounging by the pool. Of course they will provide me at least a pound of weed to enjoy or I will fuck them up on the live broadcast at the end. I make no bones about it, a pound of weed for a couple of grand is a cheap and easy payment to keep me pacified for 9 weeks, well maybe 3 weeks and then they would have to get me another pound!
  2. lol, 9 weeks like that, and life, AS YOU KNOW IT, would cease to exist!!! :smoking:
  3. 9 weeks to take a "time-out" from life! sounds like a fucking miracle to me.
  4. I didn't mean that you could probably use the time away from the "rat race", only that you'd terribly miss Momma Puff, and the girls!! Get a Lil' touchy when it comes to Ms. Judd, eh?
    Again I apologize, You deserve any "miracles" that come you're way.
  5. I didn't get pissed about your comment. So don't get woried about that and no I'm not touchy.

    I've been reading an article lately about the push from the USA Gov for a national ID card that you have to have with you at all times. Go to the mall, have to swipe it before the doors unlock, go across a bridge, have to swipe it, etc. This country has had a wonderful freedom of being able to just "disappear" from society if you wanted to and it seems it will come to and end soon. The National ID card will let the government know of your wherabouts at all times and I think it sucks.

    But going to survivor would be great. For nine weeks all I would do would be smoke, and eat, and drink. No watches, no clocks, no newspapers, no TV, no radio, no stress, Just me and the wind and sun, and moon and rain and earth, - in today's society that is a miracle.

    Now of course I would miss my wife and son and little girl, but they need the time away from me to grow on their own without the constant parenting of Dad. It'll help all of them be more stronger and independent. And after nine weeks of no sex, I'll know how Bud Head feels and it will make em appreciate my wife even more so.
  6. Wait... Are you serious about that ID card. Is there a link or something to where you read it. I wanna find out if it's even in the realm of possibility cuz that would suck to no end.
  7. I don't have anything against U Yanks, I have cousins that are yanks. But your government is unfucking beleivable. Marc Emery said it best they are turning your country upside down and inside out. I beleive the word he used was neofacist(spelling). Now they are trying to "weed" their way into Canadian Drug Enforcement, becuase we as a society don't agree with them on their war against drugs!!!!!! Stay the fuck out we are a democracy! We DON'T need your Law's! A country that is willing to jail a man for 92 years for growing marijuanna has totally fallen off the deep end!!!!!!!! Like Maj General Lewis Mackenzie said" If the Americans don't mind their own business and keep their noses out of another country's law's and freedoms, then they will find out that Hockey is not the only good BLOODSPORT us Canadians are good at!!!!! Now that's not a direct quote. But the Bloodsport part is. I know I'm babbling but when BPP started talking about your government knowing where U's are at all times is just simply fucking AMAZING!!!! That's not Freedom that's Communism!!!!!! You yanks are one of a kind, U have an awesome military, your the most powerful nation in the world,....but man o man let me say I am proud to be Canadian!!!!!!! P.S. Sorry for the Bad words Moderators......I get a little steamed sometimes. Peace Out Crocodile
  8. BPP but what if you DON'T GET VOTED OFF?! Then we'd have to watch you eat bugs and rats for 9 weeks, what if that happened? What if, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't get voted off, and won all that $??? That'd be kinda neat, but major bummer eating ants n stuff. ;)
    If you audition and win you better tell us! :D

    p.s. crocodile, i feel your pain and i live in the states. just don't direct your anger at us and know that sometimes our government do things that upset its very own citizens.. OK, well, all the time. and don't sweat the bad words, they come out of my mouth @ that topic too :) just be glad you live in a country that somewhat respects the medicinal benefits of the herb.

  9. You know me. With cameras rolling and the lights blazing, I'm a natural ham and attention grabber. I would love being the center of attention for 9 weeks so its a no lose proposition for me.

    Bugs and ants, hell I'm a gross boy we are made out of slugs and snails and puppy dog tails so eating that stuff is not going to bother me.
  10. think about this dude...if you have a pound of weed...and you do nothing but smoke on survivor...aren't you gonna get hungry? I think you might end up making your tribemates starve to death because you ate everything for munchies...

  11. The pound would be after I got voted out and all I had to do was to wait back at the hotel for the show to finish taping. That's why my goal would be to be the first one out so all I had to do was rough it for 3 days and then spend the rest of the taping back at a resort they put the voted out tribe members. Now they may try to pull some shit like going on a sightseeing tour with the other guys or going to build a community center for some tribespeople (ala the Survivor Africa) but I would tell the producers to fuck that and get out of my sun I'm trying to catch buzz here.

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