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Survivor, the pothead edition

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. Anybody see last nights Survvior. Lots of stoners in this episode, Jon, Christie, Tijuana, and of course Rupert. If anybody had an inclination to know what it would be like to spend some time with Critter from here at Grasscity, just watch Rupert on this version of Survivor.

    I read in the Star magazine that the Smoking Gun website said that Christie used to post up message sin an on-line forum to illegal drugs. Makes me wonder who she is and which one.

    Tijuanna, gotta love that name, wrote an essay about the benefits of medical marijuanna.

    And Jon, well we have seen lots of Jons at the City.

    But back to the episode, what do you think about dropping the cast off without any supplies or clothees and what about the guys stripping down naked to compete in the challenge.

    BTW, somebody remind me, I have had a couple funny stories happen to me this week. But they need to be in a seprate post.

  2. I ..I, I.. just get it for the articles, I don't look at the pictures..

    For factual purposes, its my wifes magazine, not mine. She keeps it in the car to read while she's waiting in line at the carpool at the kids school.

    I just look at for the Joan Rivers celebratory fashion mistakes.

    But to keep this on topic, they always dig up gooddirt on the Survivor contestants.

    I looked up the Smoking Gun from above.

    Christie used to post up at a coke and meth site looking for hook-ups.

    Ryan S. posted up at acid sites bitching about no hook-ups there.

    MAybe you'll see an article about me one day posting at a pot site. :D
  3. For factual purposes, its my wifes magazine, not mine. She keeps it in the car to read while she's waiting in line at the carpool at the kids school.

    im not buyin that for one second!!!! :D

    i know its in your bathroom and you read it every chance you get.

    although it does make me wana check out this seasons lil group. makes me 'kinda' sorry i missed it.

    to give puffy a little credit (or his wife if thats what he's going to stick to) it is the bestest most colorful rag mag at the checkout.

  4. with MJ, you don't need any hook-ups :D, just plenty of sunshine.

    Highya, they are repeating the first episode this Sunday night on CBS, check you local listings.
  5. GO DRAKE!!!!

    I like this bunch alot better than the last bunch so far. I'm looking forward to this season. I thought about you last night when I had to be somewhere at 9:15 and had to record the last half-hour. I was scared to post about it last night because I always post when you are having to record it and I ruin the show for you. I will try to be good this season, Poppa...I promise!!!
  6. thank ya puffy, what would i do without you.
    gotta see this group!

  7. It was the alt.drugs newsgroup BPP. Here's a link to the article.

  8. Did you see the immunity challenge where the three guys stripped down butt-ass naked and sloshed around in the mud and jungle tugging on their cannon??

  9. A big old burly, bear looking hippie wearing a tye-dyed tee shirt. After leading a widely varied life, he now works as mentor for troubled teens dispensing advice. I immediately thought of you.

    Let me look a link up and I'll post it here:

  10. She was like fucking obsessed with meth. Crazy whore...

  11. Yeah, the one dude's boxers kept falling down so the guys said if he lost his that they would strip down know, the men stick together. LOL! They can get naked all they want! :D

  12. lol,l finally saw the series :D
  13. Ohhhhhhhhh God!
  14. i'd bring a bunch of seeds with me and live off of water and bud.
  15. The Survivor that manages to sneak in some bud isn't getting voted off until the weed runs out. :devious:

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