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  1. So I just wanted to share a story with you all about a substance abuse class I had to take a few months back. So I get there, and walk in and this guy is sitting at this desk filling out some paper work. He's probably in his mid sixties, bald, wearing a suit, looks like a cop for sure (turns out he was a retired cop, and use to own a bar).
    So I walk up to the desk and he asks my name and why I'm there. I tell him that I'm there for an MIP and an MIC. He lowers his glasses, looks at me quizzically and asks how old I am. I tell him I am nineteen and he scoffs at me. Here I am thinking "great, here comes the bullshit disappointed "where has our youth gone wrong" spiel. Instead he shakes his head and says "A nineteen year old woman here wasting a day of her life because she wanted to have some drinks. This system is fucked."
    The rest of the class, he basically talked about his experience with Jack, and how by most standards he would have been deemed an alcoholic. Then he told us why AA is bullshit and how alcoholism isn't a real disease and how we are the only ones who can determine and fix it if we have a problem. Then he popped in a DVD about why the use of marijuana should be legal and how it's helped a lot of people get through their rough medical history.
    Long story short, it was honestly one of the most informative experiences about substance abuse I've ever had. Has anyone like a cop ever surprised you blades like this?

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  2. Nice always pays off to have someone on your side. If that was me (male 6'2 220p) Im sure he would have had different words. Theres a reason why men are nice to women even if they are in their 60s. If you got it flaunt it :).
  3. Well there was this really cute police officer in Colorado that caught us toking while camping.  He actually came back after he was off duty and toked with us.  He brought some thunderfuck with him.  Really cool guy.  Really great weed.  :p
  4. ^^^ that's badass.

    I was living in a small fishing town on Prince William Sound in Alaska working boats a few years ago. It was a town of 200, one of those everybody knows everybody towns. Anyways I'm taking a drive to the head of the bay to smoke one (I was also smoking when I drove) and the one town cop flips on his lights.

    So I pull over while putting my joint out and hop out of my car real fast, making sure to shut my door so he couldn't get in there. He approaches the car and says to me "don't worry about it dude, I just wanted to know where you caught some of those big salmon you guys were offloading at the pier."

    Turns out he had his brother coming into town in the next few days and wanted a spot to take him...
  5. Actually, I was one of the two females in the class, the rest were all men of color and he was super cool to all of us. He was just a solid dude.

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  6. So because the system had 2 females and a bunch of colored men the system failed? Or maybe im wrong and hes just a nice fellow who thinks all of you guys shoudnt be there, which makes his job a bit ironic:blink:. But seriously maybe he is just a nice guy trying to help other people. Not trying to sound rude just my stoned conspiracy talk kickin in.
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    Lol no. When he said the system was shit he meant the consequences for a legal adult being caught drinking were ridiculous. The only reason I brought up the demographic was because you said that he gave me special treatment because I was a young woman lol gather your thoughts yo. Also, I don't think it's ironic. He does counseling for people who actually need help. The classes are just a service the place provides, and he knew as well as we did that we weren't there because we needed help. We were there because the courthouse told us we had to be lol

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  8. ....... What's MIC?

    360 joints in my body and not one in my pocket.
    M.I.P. - Minor in possession.  M.I.C. - Minor in consumption. 
  10. True enough seems like a stand up guy. The only cops ive ever encountered wanted to rip my head off. Iv had one tell me if he found a weapon in my car he would pistol whip me. So maybe my views are a bit biased :).
  11. Thanks! I assumed it stood for consumption or something else, which I've forgotten now, but thank you. :D

    360 joints in my body and not one in my pocket.
  12. LOL aha wouldn't it be hilarious if that guy turned out to be a member of GC

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