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  1. Sorry if this should go in Real Life Stories. whatev.

    So about three weeks ago I picked up some random seeds from all over my room, some of which had been there for who knows how long, and I kicked up some dirt in the garden and on a whim threw them down and tucked them in nicely. Today, my dad asks me "Are you trying to get me arrested?" Puzzled, I follow him to the garden and bare witness to a small beautiful lolita of a pot plant, growing right in the front yard. Unfortunately, he didn't listen to my idea of just letting it grow. Was most definitely pot though.

    Maybe that story's not even really cool. I'm just kinda high.
  2. Those little sprouts grow fast! I had a window box i was trying to grow some (cooking!) herbs in. Boyfriend poked a seed in. Everything else died. We let it grow about ... oh... less than a week and it was easially 6 inches high.

    In the end, weed is well, a weed. it'll grow almost anywhere.

    Pity you couldn't find somewhere discreete to transplant it.

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