surprise when i got home

Discussion in 'General' started by 3To1ker1, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. ok so i get home and my house is baked the FUCK out
    my room is like a cloud of smoke and theres dimes and papers everywhere
    my rents r getting home in 2 hours idk wat im gonna do

    but anyway im trying to find all the evidence and get rid of it so ill prob be alright
    im actually glad im sober today or else i wouldnt have been able to take care of it
    its pretty obvious my friends did it cause its the same kinda bag from yesterday

    i wouldnt give a shit if they tryed to clean up or at least leave me some weed as a present lol

    anyway how many ppl has this happened to
    if it happened to you reply im kinda curious
  2. your friends broke into your house and smoked in there?

    and they just reaked up the house and left all of their shit there?

    i would be pissed off.
  3. ya my friend's house is the unofficial house to get fucked up at, so it would be completely normal from him to get a txt in class that 3 of our friends are in his room smoking. but we all pretty much clean up after ourselves so he doens't seem to mind at all. usually he just ends up being smoked out for free.
  4. yea we always smoke in my house but i clean up so i was kinda mad that they didnt
    they did smoke me down the day b4
    so idk
    it woulda been nice if there had been some weed left over

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