Surprise weed plant in dorms need advice

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  1. Swim Is living in the dorms and has a couple plants sitting in his room. Swim took a couple home over winter break so they wouldn't die and for the last 4 or so days swims parents were out of town. A lot of weed was smoked, friends grinded some up and a seed was left mostly intact. The Seed was planted in a pot occupied by a pine tree and it sprouted! Now it's sitting in my dorm room and I dunno what to do with it. It's snowing outside so g-grow is out of the question! When will it start smelling? Should I just kill it? :(Also I have the mobile version of this app and I can't find the grow section
  2. dont kill it! im sure someoe woul dbe glad to take it of your hand, maybe even for 20$ or a dorm u can get expelled for having pot trees i assume
  3. that lil sucker wont make any smell for at least a six weeks bro, try puttign a cfl over it it needs extra light, oh and take it out of that pot it is occupied!
  4. It wouldn't make a weed/tree infused plant then :/ would def get kicked the fuck out for that if anyone found out
  5. Did you really just use swim?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. who cares..? Lol.
  7. swim

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