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surprise mom pots not bad after all!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toketillyachoke, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. ok my mom just came home she told me my teach called and told her that my grades are droping, im not going to be able to go on co-op and that i am acting nuts

    Its been 3 weeks since i quit for my girl friend, i have been acting nuts geting picked on and not able to contrate on my workr my spellinmg sucks now and it all qould get better if i just toked up.

    Anyway my mom says to me i dotn see how you did better in school when you smoked pot, surpise mom pot isn't all that bad after all , she than asked what it did for me, i said it heled me think more heled me to stay focos helped me to problem solve in acess and excell, hele dme take muilt choose test and get a A with out even knowing what the test was about,

    So this just shows what can happen when you stop smokeing sweet mary jane! Your grades drop you makwe every one think ur nu, ur pissed off most of the time and so on so this is a + for mary jane!
  2. ...Getting an A on a test without knowing what it's about...? What the HELL are you talking about?????
  3. Dis boi is CRAZY...or maybe just one stupid but lucky son of a bitch.
  4. i really don't know how some of these people excell in school while smoking! i lose my concentration! if i were doing a math test or something, oooomg lol. i'd be adding and mulitplying and subtracting with the same numbers doing circles! mind you, i don't like working with numbers. my mind wonders too much. maybe it's the interest in the subject. i know when i smoke and i want to do some craft or something i can concentrate. i can become a perfectionist. like when i'm smoke and i'm cleanin my house. anywho, diff strokes for diff folks. whatever works:)!
  5. nah i gotta agree with you on that one. some people just better at certain things high...i learn much quicker while i am, not just academically but i just learn things in general faster/better while high. and im more eager too because it makes everytthing interesting

  6. Dude get your ass off that gay ass girlfriend-driven wagon already. You are a fucking stoner at heart. Sorry for being harsh, but you even mispelled spelling.
  7. Ah man when im lean i can never concentrate, ill just start doodling loads.

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