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surprise me

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. what do you think some of us might be a little surprised to know? ?

    ill bet you might be surprised to know im pretty shy and very quiet.?
    if that didt do it...
    maybe its that my kid one 2nd place in his whole grade spelling bee. now theres a surprise eh?
    come on, i know your all sitting on somthing.
    *edit spelled surprised 4 different ways, this way stll may be wrong but at least im eh, constitant.
  2. win,win,win.....another misconception.
    he did that a couple of weeks ago. we were so proud he was anywhere near the high spellers. you see he surpassed me, well,after the 2nd grade :D thought ya'll migh get a kick out of my kid being a chip off the ole, well mailman.
    ok, so maybe my quietneness doesnt suprise ya'll
    an maybe your not sitting on any of your own.
    have a good day.
  3. "so maybe my quietneness doesnt suprise ya'll
    an maybe your not sitting on any of your own.
    have a good day.

    Or maybe some of us just ain't visited the board yet,lol :D

    Would it surprise ya'll to know I'm very insecure???And yet I love to play music to an audience, go figure!! :D

    Or that since my folks have passed away, I've developed an extreme phobia about DR.'s!!! So bad I've not had an umbilical hernia repaired, and suffered with it for over 3yrs now. ( makes it VERY painful when I do the types of construction work I normally do!!) :smoking:

    Oh well, I guess I've drug enough skeletons outta my closet for now!! :D

    How about a Cowboy sing-a-long?

    "Lean on me, When you're not strong. I'll be your Friend, I'll help you carry on"
  4. [​IMG] shy and quite ???? never.
  5. I am very shy and quiet,less so when i'm around my close friends.
  6. funny that everyone replies with shy.. makes sense to be on a message board though...

    if youve seen the man with the golden gun, james bonds enemy is Scaramanga. in the movie, james bond has to wear a fake birthmark over his left nipple, in order to imitate scaramanga and get into wherever hes going.

    i have a birthmakr identical to it just above my left nipple, just like scaramanga himself, very cool ;) haha. i like it atleast, hated it as a kid, everyone asked me if it was a third nipple. never understood why someone would think that. it was brown? and there were nipples right there to compare it to... the fact that i was a little fatty and had boobs didnt help.

    i dont like sunny days, brightness, i like to be indoors, big crowds tend to bother me, im terrible with women, i drink 3 liters of water a day, i love buying movies, but dont watch many, im terrible at committing to things, i love to camp, im an asshole when im drunk, i find most peoples opinions plastic and ignorant, i can be very funny, im terrible at art, im a decent photographer, i loathe michael moore, i think john cusak is great, i recently stopped liking my favourite kind of chips, i normally dont eat before 2, my first time getting stoned i said id probably never do it again, i think im in love, i almost threw up just now, i always watch discovery channel, ive socially smoked for years but never bought a pack, i dont find wine enjoyable, i love black coffee, im really good at mega man for nes, during the summer i gained 10 lbs, but have since lost it, i just threw up, ive never won a fight drunk, and never lost a fight sober, i have my own personal sense of spirituality but find a cross is the best symbol for my beliefs, not to be mistaken with a crucifix, ive never left north america, im a great chef, im a virgin, and i always start out at seasoned tokers and go from there.

    theres a start :D
  7. I have a freckle on the inside of my left pinky that when I was little and couldn't remember my Left from my Right used to help me out tremendously..

    I am either shy or inebriated. Either one or the other, never both at once. :D

    I like this smiley --> :cool:

    Hope this gave some useful insight on me, and surprised you a bit.. cheers!


  8. Shy but smart. NO one besides my friends know i'm a toker. Everyone looks at me as an innocent person. When I meet someone and tell them they are amazed. Then I got to prove it to them by smokin their asses out.
  9. i have a very large 'mole' on my left butt cheek and on my leg.
  10. also, i am very fat and have pimpels on my ass...
  11. thx klown that was very enlightening o_O

    I can be shy..bnot always, depends what kind of mood im in. higha I wouldn't of expected u to be shy..your always talkin :D

    I also strip for quarters.

    but that is a well known fact.

  12. lol maybe he should proofread for your stoned ass :D
  13. LMAO!

    poor higha:p
  14. "I am very shy and quiet,less so when i'm around my close friends."


    though i know people shier than me..

    uhh.. i write poetry.. does that suprise you? click on me link if you dare..

    BOOGA BOOGA!! surprised??

    EDIT:: being shy can have its advantages too.. like i'm less predictable than most.. you wouldn't expect me to yell out like a crazyman or moon anyone..

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