Surprise Hermies And Pollination Problems Dutch Master Reverse Questions

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SRQ2SB, May 23, 2013.

  1. Here's the situation. I've got a greenhouse with about 40 clones and 20 seedlings and they are all about 4-5 weeks into flowering. A few seedlings turned into hermies most likely due to stress. Pollen has already traveled to other plants and fertilized some of the other plants from seeds and some of the clones.  I found some seeds/seed pods on different areas of the plants.
    I just picked up some Dutch Master Reverse and Saturator and just did a spray before sunrise. How extensive should the spray be? Should it just be a light mist or should they be drenched? If anyone has used this stuff before, I would really appreciate some feedback. I am also wondering how well this stuff works. I understand it wont turn a male into a female but what will it do to hermies or fertilized females. Will it prevent or slow the production of seeds? The herb is looking super flame so there might be a chance that it will still be worth finishing them out instead of just chopping them down and harvesting a minimally seedy crop. If not I'll run it and make that errrl but I hope to save some nugs from the seeds and maybe have both. 
    I'm super bummed at the moment about this and I want to figure out the best way to go about this. Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated.
    stay stanky

  2. It's made to stop their appearance by inhibiting the hormone production, not halt their growth after growth/a certain point...and you have probably past that point since they are already male.
    We smoked a lot of seedy weed years ago, just finish it, harvest it, smoke it...and find a mom without the tranny tendencies?
  3. Locate the cause of the hermies, and correct. Once done harvest what you may, seeded plants go through a screen to remove seeds, viable none hermies are stored for use later?, salvage what you can, trash the rest,
    I ain't gonna smoke no chemical sprayed plant that does hormone on stuff, regardless of what the manufacturer may say on how safe it is to your health.
    See it as still very early in the season, so you may start again, with the spring in your favor
  4. Inhibits the growth of the hermies pollen/nanners or the development of seeds in the fertilized females?
  5. I understand your concern about chemicals in Dutch Master Reverse, however the same chemicals are used in various popular produce. example/ seedless watermelons. 
    This crop was just a test run for the big crop in the summer. Ive read up on the DMR more and it is much more effective if used as a prevention tactic. So I'm going to solve the hermie inducing stress problem and start off my next batch with this stuff

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