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Surprise drug test

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IceCreamKidd, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. Ok, went for my third interview for a this job, and one of the final hoops to jump through is my consent for a Substance Abust Screening (i presume piss test). I have to walk in and take this test within the next 24 hours, I think ill go tommorrow morning to give myself the most time. I shared a few bowls with a friend yesterday afternoon, so Im drinking tons of water, probably going to go to the store for some crannberry juice. And will probably head to a headshop for a cleaning drink for good measure. Hoping beyond hope ill skate by. :)

    anyone know if basing employment on a screening like this conflicts with state approved medical marijuana programs?


    Am I covering all my bases for the Piss test, Maybe ill just some rope today as well.
  2. Run lots.

    It makes you piss. Then you drink cranberry juice after the run.

    Good luck my friend.
  3. Good luck, ICK!!! Just drink tons of water like you're already doing and maybe try to sweat a lot. I'm sending lucky karma your way!!!
  4. Yeah just drink a shit load of water and you deff. should get a drink..
  5. Ya, you'll be fine.
  6. sounds like you'll be alright! good luck with job, sendin that karma to ya!
  7. as long as the company you're going for doesn't test for the stuff in the drink you'll be fine. one of those little drinks had me clean for the damn ARMY. and their test goes down to 0 nanograms (you need 15 to fail though... which really isn't a lot).

    good luck ::sends out mad good luck karma::
  8. those drinks will work fine, i used them for probation. if you are prescribed, and you test positive, i have no idea if they conflict with state law, if it is a private company i think it's their perogative to do what they please. maybe mention it if it shows up, and have your card handy just in case.

    if they ask why you didn't mention it beforehand, tell them you didn't want it to be their first impression of you because marijuana is your medicine and not your entire life, and doesn't affect your job performance?

    good luck !! :D
  9. Yeah I used a clean-out drink when i took my Army drug test, and I passed ok.
  10. update, drank a whole lot of water yesterday, and followed those directions on the bottles as best as I could. Took the test a few hours ago. Anyone know how accurate lab tests are?

    thankx for the good karma friends. Ill post when i know the results. :)

  11. I think they are pretty accurate but I'm not for sure.

    I hope it all went well, ICK! Definitely let us know what's up when you find out. I'm still sending the lucky karma your way!
  12. depends on the lab... some go all the way down to 0 nanograms (meaning you have absolutely nothing in your system at all)... there's usually a certain level of nanograms you need in your piss in order to fail though.
  13. when will you find out how it went?
  14. how does the stuff at the head shops clean you out?

  15. they work in a couple ways... when you drink the drink it tells you to fill the bottle up (usually) twice more with just water. then the combination of herbs and such in the drink, along with all the water you just drank dilutes your piss, and make you pee a few times before the test (to help flush any buildups of thc outta your bladder). the herbs also mask any remaining thc that might still be in your urin.
  16. They hired me. :) So i guess those drinks do work. I was a little worried for a while as I took an at home test that morning and it was inconclusive - not positive or negative. Either way, I need to be at work at 7:30am tommorrow morning.

    thankx for the karma friends :)

  17. That rocks, ICK!!!

    I hope you enjoy your new job!!!!

  18. good deal. hope the job kicks ass :D

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