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    I quit smoking about 9 days ago and I found out I have a drug test in two days. I'm a small girl, I only weigh about 105 lbs & I'm 5'2. I've been expecting this test but I didn't know how soon it'd be so I've been drinking a lot of water (at least four bottles a day) since I've quit. Any tips that will no doubt make sure I'm clean? My friend suggested certo but I don't think I have the stomach to keep it down. Or am I just screwed? Lol

    *i also was a very frequent smoker, I smoked almost everyday for about nine months

    Or you can use the search function and type in "how to pass a drug test" if you don't like that thread

  3. Drink arizona green teas and run a lot
  4. welcome! enjoy the site! even though, like many others, you'll probably ditch us after you use us... yet again...

    i feel like a fuckin wrench..
  5. Home drug test or lab drug test?

  6. I think it's a instant one where it tells you right away. I have to go to drug counseling and they're going to piss me the first day.
  7. Go buy a bottle of Niacin, take double the recommended dosage, it will make you sweat your ass off and when you take it drink about a gallon of water a day.

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