surprise, arizona

Discussion in 'General' started by quantumhaze, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. just warning everyone to not move here unless you plan on quiting smoking or want to drive 30+ mins for any kind of fun. stay out of sun city.
  2. Damn it, and I was all packed up and ready to go too.
  3. Move to prescott

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  4. SURPRISE!!!! no fun here. desert life... enjoy
  5. cant go anywhere without a car ormoney to afford a place. it just sucks having noooo friends
  6. I was actually planning on going to ASU. Not so sure anymore, is it really boring? I live in LA, where there's lots to do, and I get bored, I can't imagine me being somewhere where there's nothing to do. 
  7. its hard to find chill people who live in the area alot.of people seem to judge based on appearnce but in other areas ive meet some real chill people just hours away
  8. sedona is awesome and beautiful full of good people
  9. Dude I lived in Surprise for like a year. I went to willow canyon high school. That shit suuucked. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. Get involved with the AZ NORML group. The saferaz group supporting the decriminalization issue too. 
  11. DUDE!!!!! I just moved back to Oregon from there!
    I'd suggest going to Old Surprise, like the houses from the 50's.
    That'll be your "ghetto" for that tiny white town..
    I know one guy who grows in that area, he uses an ice cream truck for delivery..  :lol:
    On the real though, most ppl down there wont give you the time of day in regards to weed unless youre medical..
    and all that takes is about tree fiddy 
  12. Dude Surprise is fucking lame...
    But ASU is in Tempe is that place is dope! ASU is a cool school man.
    I grew up in the east valley. Mesa, Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert. Great place to be.
    Nothing like Surprise.

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