Surgery tomorrow, wish me luck

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  1. Going in tomorrow to break up a marble sized kidney stone. Insurance won't cover it :( Send me some good vibes that it works, can't afford it not too.
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    good luck man, i seriously mean it :)
  3. Good luck buddy. Be sure to smoke up after, I hope it helps.
  4. Wishing you the best, man. I've always been afraid of getting kidney stones.
  5. no worries man I went through some "extreme" surgery a few years back.

    I was too fucked up to remember anything but being kind of uncomfortable lol.
  6. Hope all goes well :)
  7. Good luck man. Hope all goes well! Update us when you feel like it.
  8. fuckin kidney stones man, fuck em... and good luck!
  9. Holy shit kidney stones must suck. Good luck with your situation, hope it comes out fine and you have some medical marijuana for after.
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    luckily its a common procedure & everything should go well but why won"t Ins. cover it.
    thats not exactly cosmetic surgery.

    Positive vibes & Best wishes for a quick recovery.

    "I am sooooo fucked.......YES?"
  11. Truly the best for it. Had my shoulder hacked on a few years ago. Then went back and had it re-hacked again.

    They'll break it up and dissipate it quite easily.
    Once you get home, you'll be able to smoke up a mini sandstorm.

    No worries chief. It will be like any other day. Not affording it is basically how most of us roll. Even with insurance, there is always absorbent amounts left over.

    But you can handle this- Smoke on the water, no doubt.
  12. Grin thanks. Nah not worried about the surgery itself, just hoping it breaks up. Has a 75% success rate :) Picked up my meds earlier today. 20 of mids, posted it earlier in stash. I'll post again when I get back tomorrow.
  13. hey man, my dad recently found out he has kidney stones.. one of em was 8 mm (idk how big a marble is but im pretty sure thats close) and he got it blasted succesfully,
    all i can say to you is just be ready for some pain, that way you wont be surprised.. (not trying to scare you, just want you to be ready for it..) My dad still gets "attacks" cus he hasnt passed all the little stones yet..
    stay blazed my friend. thats what my dads doing, he seems to be doing good though man, still working and doing what he always did, as good as he always did.
    good luck and good vibes buddy, feel free to pm me if you wanna ask shit to my dad, i can ask him for you.
  14. Done, posting from hospital. No bruises really, heres hoping the pieces come out easy. Thanks for support blades :)
  15. dude are they doing excorporal lithotripsy or are they doing a urethroiscopic laser and basket retrieve? Man I have had both and they both suck. The lithotripsey feels like someone punched you in the gut for a few days and the uretrascopic well as you can imagine you will piss blood for a week and have major pain especially if they put in a stint.......I see you are now recovering in hospital........well wait till the surgery Fentynol wears will be in some pain............hopefully they gave you 2mg. Hydromorphone for the pain not oxycodone...the dilaudid is so much m,ore effective then oxy for post surgical pain...........I have had many surgeries......I am an expert of some sorts.
    let us know.
  16. Litho, or as the surgeons call it there sonic boom. Got a stent in 3 weeks ago, and Yes it hurt like a sonvabitch when I woke up. However I am apparently one of the few who only feel it there, doesn't itch or hurt now, only first day with it was bad.
    Again thanks for all the support, this bowls for you blades :)
  17. i had a kidney stone about a year ago. i honestly thought i was really constipated, it was a intense dull pain like right next to my spine (in hindsight, yes, my kidney) and i was miserable all day. finally i fell asleep and when i woke up it was over, i must have passed it in my sleep. it was bad enough that i've pretty much quit drinking soda. fuck kidney stones.
  18. my mom got a kidney stone removed about a month ago. I'm pretty sure it's a simple surgery. Expensive as hell though
  19. I wish you luck. Once when I was high a kid was telling me about how he had to pass a kidney stone. I started thinking about it and a few minutes later I had a full blown panic attack and passed out. it was awful just thinking about it

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