surgery today haha wasnt taht bad..

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Okay so i get to the oral surgant (for wizdom teeth) had 4 under the gum but not sideways or shit .. so they put the iv in and attach these shits to my finger and wrists and then they say hey jim ur gonna get really sleepy now..

    so then im sittin there nervous as hell like damn im not passed out yet.. about 2 seocnsd after im thinking that i wake up in another room mouth bleeding done surgery and was like WTF its over? heh .. then i guess wahtever they gave me fucked me up casue my pupils were size of a needle pioint and i felt very ephuric on way home till i got in bed and Passed the fuck out haha..

    for those who need to get this done its not bad at all i was so fuckin afraid and now i was like damn im a wuss haha!

    oo and i dont need my pain meds nemore really so when my mom gives me them i jsut pocket it haha gonna get faded tonight again
  2. collect 4-5 than parachute them bitches. you'll be feeling very nice i assure you.
  3. oo ya i will.. haha gonna do like six if i can get that many
  4. damm...thats good to now... mine are under the gums too but all crooked and shit and will mess up my nice straight teeth (braces, dad didnt pay $4000 for nothin) lol im gettin out late June
  5. haha i just took a bunch of excedren and put them in the pill container and hid all the vics =D (cause it doesnt hurt anymore and i wont need them) =D fuckin 20 free pills.. actyully like 14 / 12 but still thats alot of free vics!
  6. yea i got mine out 2 weeks ago...i went in february but i bitched out when i got there cause im totally afraid of surgery(good thing i did) so they gave me 3 valium 10' to take recreationaly to c how it affected me, one to take the night before surgery, and one to take the morning of surgery..well i took two in the morning and when i got there they gave me this liquid shit to calm me down and man i was fucking nummmbbb. i had no idea what was going on. they stuck the iv in me and i didnt even realize i thought it was fun. good valium tho​
  7. i had to fix a cavity today. had a shitload of gas (bitch asked me if i was feeling it yet about 10 min into it and i said no so i could get 10 min's more, and then continue throughout the 30 min surgery) and then novacaine. twas awesome. then i smoked and got drunk.

    thats been my day.
  8. That's pretty sweet, you just go to sleep and wake up and the fucking thing is over. Sweet that you had no pain too, a lot of people experience IMENSE pain with wisdom teeth.

  9. i literally 'lol'd outloud to myself man

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