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  1. If anyone remembers my thread I posted 2 weeks back, I had a mole removed that turned out to be melanoma, requiring me to get a incision on my shoulder to take some soft tissue and fat from the area to see if it has spread.
    I of course wasn't supposed to smoke weed before the surgery, I am planning on smoking tonight till I go to bed...The surgery is 7Am Post OP, 9Am for OP room...
    Think I am good with that 5-8 hour sober time?

  2. Spend your time and weed making edibles.
    You'll kill the time and won't get high. At least I wouldn't get high.
    Then eat them fuckers when recuperating
  3. Good luck on the surgery man, hopefully everything goes great and your recovered ASAP! Had surgery just over a month ago myself, can be a bitch!
  4. That didn't really answer my question relating to smoking weed before going into the Operating Room, but thanks.
    I don't really enjoy edibles that much, I really enjoy giving edibles to other people for them to experience because they seem to have more of a joy off of eating a brownie then smoking a blunt, I guess everyone has their preferences though!  :smoke:
    Yeah man, luckily its my shoulder so I can still eat/smoke regularly without any real complications.
  5. I had two invasive surgeries last year, and smoked the night before both. The first, only maybe a bowl just because I was so nervous. I had complications, but they weren't related to cannabis in the least bit.

    Good luck with everything, my surgeries were cancer related, so I know the feeling.

  6. Shit... I went out drinkin and smokin all night one time before a spinal fusion. I stopped drinking a few hours before it was time to check in. I was fine as wine. I think it helped

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  7. I'm assuming your surgery will be outpatient in the dermatologist's office? If so, I wouldn't worry about it...
    But if you're going under a general anesthesia in the surgical suite in hospital I would be cautious...
    Drug or alcohol use before general anesthesia can lead to life threatening complications....your call, good luck...
  8. I am going to probably smoke like 10 bong rips to my head, might as well...What's the difference between 1 and 10? Nothing really.  :confused_2:
    Very good story.  :bongin:
    Outpatient in a Hospital actually, not the dermatologist's office.
    I already took the choice to smoke before, worst case scenario...I die.  :confused_2:
  9. Personally i wouldn't risk it as anesthesia can kill you if done wrong but that's just me. I'd save it for the down time you'll have afterwards.
    I had the same thing done a few years ago they thought it was melanoma and cut out a good 3x4" section and about 3.5 inches deep.
  10. The eating regularly.... good! My appetite shot for a week after that even though I toked everyday as usual ( 3+ years running)
    Toke away though it will help :)
  11. if they are going to put you under, then I wouldnt chance it.
  12. It's to late, my surgery is in 4 1/2 hours and I smoked 2 hours ago.  :confused_2:
  13. Yup, sounds about like what I am getting done. It blow's...
  14. They did mine while i was awake. Never saw so much blood lol
  15. Out of surgery, everything went good.
    3 Lymph nodes were taken out, 3 initial incisions were made.
    Thanks GC.  :bongin:
  16. Jesus fuck dude. How are you on the Internet right now? You must be tough as nails.
    I dunno, here's the schedule of what happened this morning to give you a little info.
    7Am: Arrival at Post OP, IV inserted.
    7:30AM: Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy, they gave me 4 needles on my shoulder blade where the first incision was made 3 weeks prior, sending nuclear dye through my blood up to my lymph nodes..This was most likely the most painful part, the sting was similar to a 3 minute bee-sting, but it wasn't to bad. They found 3 lymph nodes instead of original 1 that they were counting on.
    9:00AM: I remember being taken back to Post OP, and injected with my anesthesia....I was conscious when they got me in the operating room, they moved me around and made me lay on the table on my side. They then told me to breath into the mask very hard and they will see me on the other side, I started to fade out after 18 seconds....
    11:30AM: Wake-up from the anesthesia, surgery complete.
    12:00 PM: On my way back home with 3 lymph nodes taken out of my body, (Under right Arm-pit, Right side of Neck, and one by my jaw line, a total of 48 stitches, 3 incisions.
    Crazy part is, I don't feel much pain, I haven't even taken my first pain-killer neck is just very stiff. 
    Overall, I think getting my wisdom teeth was more painful. 
  18. Good luck.
  19. Ya that's good that they got them out though last thing you want is melanoma. Sounds like you''re doing pretty good post op so hey that's a big plus! did you ever use sunscreen? i never have and they told me that's what caused the abnormal area they had to cut out. How was the bee sting part did they numb you up any?
    Sun damage was the cause I think personally, over years of no sunscreen/tanning out in the sun...Attempting to get a slight tan, I have severely burn't myself 3+ times where it resulted in sun poisoning and skin damage(Sun Freckles).
    Eh, they sprayed a cold solvent on my skin to help with the pain, but in all reality...No, the cold feeling was a illusion to the patients mind, so that they pay attention to the cold feeling more then the needle feeling.
    It wasn't bad though, I have gotten 4+ bone scans on my tibia's before, so that is basically the same process...Injecting nuclear dye into the veins so that a camera may highlight the portions that the dye enters.
    Kinda fascinating to watch it make a picture on the screen in front of you.  
    I am also debating the use of Perocet vs THC Caps...I am weening more towards the caps as of now.  :confused_2:

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