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  1. Born and raised in South Florida. Nice surf. Been to Hawaii and Australia to experience some surfing.

    Soon, to hit the Salsa Brava in Costa Rica. Looks like some awesome waves there.

    But, man, you guys have to check out Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton. Some of the best big wave surfers you'll ever lay eyes on. Seriously, these guys tame MILLIONS of gallons of raw power.

    I'd shit myself if I was expecting a decent wave, but in turn got a Tsunami like theirs. Man...

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  2. I wish I knew how to surf. I'm not a very coordinated/balanced person though so I doubt I could ever do it. I can't even get on a skateboard without fear of limb breakage. :(

  3. On a forum of stoners, I was certain we'd have other Surfers on here. C'mon...
  4. Heinous...dude.. you were born and raised in South Florida? Where at? Im from Jupiter/North Palm Beach area. I've been surfing since middle school. Used a shorty for a loong time and switched to a long board years ago. Havent had time to surf in forever but have not given up on it.. just busy with other things in life right now. Kelly Slater once showed up to the beach I surf and have surfed forever. Its called Pierless (cause a pier used to sit there and was blown down by a hurricane years back). He is from the east coast of Florida himself so he has surfed all over the state. I wasnt that shocked when he was there but definitely in awe..just watchin him rip it up. Its in northern palm beach county close to the Juno Pier.. but anyways... that kicks ass that you surf too.
  5. St. Augustine and down. Loved it. Then, I've been moving all over the globe and country, so its hard for me to keep up with the hobby.

    I've seen Slater in person, just never talked with him. Man, that guy can surf ANYTHING. No joke.

    I'm not in Florida, now...New England. (I know, its a weird place for a surfer, but what ever.)

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