Surface Conformity

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    The Counselor loved his extracts, that was for sure. The old Doc had given him a good recipe. It involved Coconut Oil and slow heat. And it involved a form a glory hard to explain to the uninitiated. But you had to de-carb it first. It was like life that way. He put down the vape and switched off the space music. Sometimes, if the stuff gets on top of you, it's time to let it go. He thought about CBD content for a few seconds. He came up with a number, and he saw that it was good.

    Surface Conformity was not a hard concept to understand in theory, thought the Counselor, although the application could be difficult. As an oncoming car went by, her pushed the blonde chick's head down so as to remain a part of the nominal herd.

    See, that was easy too.

    He let her off it for a second as switched over on the sound system. She was a good, greedy girl. He had found her profile online. She was a beauty expert by day, and an aspiring actress by night. Which had worked out great because Coconut oil made a dam good lubricant and skin moisturizer as well! Sometimes he really didn't know how she fit it all in.

    And, as he thought about it, he began to grin.

    He almost blew a curve.

    A shout.
  2. What am I reading? I re-read a few of the lines several times just trying to understand what the heck is going on.
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