Sure To Grow vs. Rockwool & Hydroton

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  1. Hi. Does anyone know the scoop on Sure To Grow? Is it really better than rockwool and hydroton? I'm sick of washing and/or throwing away hydroton. And it just seems like it would be so much easier to just pop a Sure To Grow insert into my net pots. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Sundropper, Only thing I can say is my local Hydro store didn't have anything good to say claiming that the density of the material was a problem. On the positive side I would say that it is PH neutral not requring soaking in a 5.5 PH level solution for a period of time. I would like to try a pot or two just to say I did however, I can't argue with the success of past grows with the rockwool/hydroton combination. I don't have time to experiement with stuff I don't know. Who Knows "try it you'll like it"

  3. Yeah. That's what I was thinking. The density of the material seems to hold too much water. I'm going to ask the guys at the hydro store what they think.
  4. If you were to try a stg product id say give hail a try, the cubes should work more like hydroton/rockwool chunks
  5. I haven't seen the stuff in person but it just looks like white foam. They probably require net pot covers as well because they don't look light proof.
  6. I am a hydroton fan, I rinse mine then put it in the oven on 350 for 1 hr to sanitize it and reuse it. Hydroton has the correct air/ water ratio.
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    I agree. The STG hail would probably be the best.

    Thanks for that thought.

    I never thought of putting hydroton in the oven. Personally, I rinse over and over again, and then let my hydroton sit in a hydrogen peroxide solution over-night. And I agree to the fact that hydroton has the correnct water/air ratio.

    Thanks for everyone's input.
  8. I put my hydroton in mesh bags and run it through my dishwasher. It cleans it and the hot water sanitizes.
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  9. I have converted to sure to grow and I have little problems..The reason i do not like hydroton is because i use a flood table and they float I gave sure to grow a try and had very little problems with is kind of expensive.The only change i made was with my feed cycle I was flooding my table 6x a day and with sure to grow i flood it only 4x a day now seems to hold water longer..But over all ok product very easy to use..
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    Thanks for the input. I visited the hydro store today but forgot to ask about the STG. By the way, do you prefer your flood and drain table over DWC totes? Reason why I ask is because I am thinking about switching from a DWC tote to a little Baby Bloomer ebb & flow. I had the idea that the ebb & flow would be less problematic as I switch from a sterile environment to beneficials.
  11. I have done a small 2 plant ebb & flow and thought it was a pain in the ass. Since the res has to be under the table, it pushes the height limits of my grow area. It is also a pain to clean all that extra grow medium.

    Of the few hydro setups i've tried, DWC is the one I go back to most. I am more intrigued by aeroponics and NFT but growing dope doesn't get much hassle free than DWC. Scratch that, my wick system is the easiest but I only use wick buckets for mother plants with crap nutes.
  12. @WACaregiver,
    Thanks for the input. Just yesterday, the guy at my local hydro store was saying that bubble buckets rock. Do you do DWC Bubble Buckets or a DWC tote? Also, in your DWC systems, do you do a sterile environment with H2O2 or Dutch Master ZONE or anything, or do you do nothing, or do you do beneficial bacteria/fungi? Peace.
  13. I tried a bag of hail but I do coco so after having no luck with trying to clone in hail I mixed it with my coco 1 gal of hail to 1 gal of coco the plants love it. but the stuff is expensive Idk if they bare still doing it but they were doing trial bags of hail for $15 on the sure to grow site. plus its to expensive and they don't recomend reuseing it. its the size and shape of cotton balls it has my thumbs up as a coco amendment. but can't speak on its hydro use.
  14. They are still doing the promo, I picked up a 2 cf bag for 28 and plan on testing it in my recirculating drip system.
  15. Ive seen some monsters grown with sure to grow it works great you just have to keep it moist I'm gong to do a grow with it check it out and leave me some feedback on my first tent grow.
  16. I just put my babies into flower about 4 days ago! Im using the STG Inserts for the Ebb n Gro Bucket System. So far they have been working out great, very clean, I have a well defined root system, and it seems to hold water well. Im actually feeding my girls one time a day at the moment!

    I would say go for it and give it a try....i was skeptical at first but im actually thinking about running my next grow with STG again! they havn't let me down yet!

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  17. I use STG in a setup like that my STG is the 5 gallon bucket ver tho and goes all the way yo the top of the bucket.
  18. Thanks for the info.
  19. So is the general consensus here that STG is better than hydroton / rockwool because:

    easier to install
    no cleaning?

    Or is it because there is better performance from STG over hydroton?
  20. @typicalsmoker,
    I don't know what the general consensus is but I think I might give STG a try.

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