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Sure-gel Question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SS4DBZ, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. A couple weeks back, I got put on probation for 6 months because I took the fall for a few friends because I got caught with their weed and their pipe. So now I've got random drug tests for 6 whole months....all the way to December 23. I was reading up on ways to pass drug tests. Most of the ways were pretty risky, or else expensive (such as the Whizzinator). I did come across one that caught my eye, though. I read about how mixing Sure-gel or Certo (basically cheap Jell-o ripoffs containing fruit pectin) into 2 quarts of water and drinking it will enable you to pass your drug tests. This caught my eye, and I wondered how it worked. I then read that the fruit pectin coats the inside of your kidneys, so none of the drug metabolites can enter your urine. Now, I'd be fine with that, only when I have a random drug test, I doubt my parents would let me run down to my room to gulp down 2 quarts of this stuff before we leave. They might not even tell me we're going for a drug test. So, here's what I was wondering... First, does anyone know how long you'll show up clean using this method? Second, would it be dangerous to my health if I would drink this stuff every day? I'd think that that wouldn't be too good for you, but does anyone know for sure?

    If anyone can help out at all, I'd be grateful. I've been clean for about a month now, and I'm saving up for the whizzinator, but until I can scrunge up $150 for it, I'm smokeless. Unless, of course, I could drink this up every day without nearly killing myself. Any input, as I said, is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I honestly don't know. But working on strictly theory, I'd say that it can't be all to great for you. Your kidneys are pretty essential for your bodies processes 24/7. So I dunno. Kinda sounds a little, or potentially dangerous. Probably nothing life threatening, if it doesn't go beyond a few week period, or just try and minimize the time you do it, if you still want to. Try and steal your mom/dad's plan book or calandar if they have any of that kind of stuff and figure it out. Then work within that time frame with that funky drink you have there. I'd imagine you'd have to drink more more water, in addition to all of that. Maybe, drink a shitload of water first (not toooooooooooo much) and then drink that Jell-O rip-off shit. Haha. Who knows. Just theory.
  3. i think it lasts for like 5 hours... drink it 2 hours before your test...... but ya sounds healthy ;).... check your pms.....
  4. Alright, thanks for the link in the PM. I read the message board all the way up to page 22..... And there's so many pages. I'm off to read the rest. All I've found so far is that it does work for sure, but I see nothing yet about whether it's bad for your health to do it constantly. Like I said, having your kidneys constantly coated with something doesn't sound like it would be too good for you, but it would be great if someone could actually tell me if it is or not (based on some science and not just speculation).
  5. I tried that once it didnt work that great and I chugged about an hour before said test. It also depends on how anal your PO is. If he is anything like mine was he will just bring the test strip to your house and make you piss right there
  6. Coats the inside of your kidney?

    Doesnt sound like a substance I want in my body. If smokin it up is really important to you then I'd suggest investing. Im sure someone would buy a whizzinator off you once you're done.
  7. Speaking of the whizzinator... Does anyone have one they don't need anymore? If they're willing to sell it to me at a discounted price, I might go for it. Then again, it might not be a good idea. If someone rips me off, I'd be screwed. What would I do, threaten to take them to court because they ripped me off on something I was going to use to pass a drug test? Maybe it's better just to save up the $150...
  8. Hey did you pass the test with sure-he'll work? The same thing is happening to me February 27?

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