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  1. I fucked up majorly in adult ed this semster, And shit straight.

    Aight heres todays story.

    Woke up feelin like shit. Got in a fight with the folks and i said fuck it i'll go to school to kick it because i aient got classes.

    Left with my homegurl Kym over to my homie miracles crib. Get over there and lookin for some herb n shit. I called my ma's n jus finally told her straight up. That i fucked up this semster. Outta 8 classes i got 2 left and im strugglin on those.

    She was pissed, Told me to be at the crib by the time shes home for lunch.

    My pops comes home at lunch same time as her i found out later to either beat the shit outta me or bitch me the fuck out.

    Well at that time hankey came over miracles with lil mikey and his wifey ceci. So we all took off to my adult ed to buy a bag and kick it with the homies till lunch over.

    Went back over miracles and smoked a blunt.

    Then ceci took off in the burboun to go pick up her and hankeys kid. She came back to miracles and them two went outside and played with they kid for a while. We went upstairs and smoked another blunt.

    They drop the kid off and come back over. What happenes but the fucking breaks went out. A '84 suburban, Fucknig 5,000 lb vehicle with no breaks. Shit.

    So he crept in it and hit it in netural till it stopped and threw it in park.

    Came in and smoked down some more.

    I got to the crib around 3:00 pm and went to sleep until about 5:15 when my mas came home slamming doors n shit.

    Well i jus ignored it n shit.

    My dad came home about a hour later and jus said asked whats up with the school shit. I figured i was gettin kicked out and prolly we boutt o scrap.

    But shit was straight, He was stoned as fuck and aient care too much.

    He ended up hookin me up with some roaches and that was the end of it.

    Im fucking suprised.

    But in the burban, We almost got hit by a school bus for one lol. Cuz we aient had no breaks and we aient walkin all through del ray fuck no. I wanna live. Crazy shit dirving in that burboun with no breaks.
  2. I dont mean to uhh..sound like a parent but what exactly is the point of being enrolled and spending money(?) to go to adult ed school classes if you never ever go to them? I mean you should try and pass your classes man if you want a decent job and dont wanna run on the streets for your life.
  3. My advice to you is to get your priorities straight, its pretty damn hard to smoke a hq+ a day and still be productive. Do what you gotta do to get that fuckin piece of paper and move on with life.
  4. That's scary ass shit, good to hear that you're alright and that your dads chill.
  5. Good thing you got lucky in that Suburban man. A friend of mine in high school was drunk one night and at like 4am left his dad's Lexus in reverse when he got out of it (he forgot to turn the car off), this was in the garage. Damn thing went through the garage door and he ran as fast as he could and jumped in and hit the brake as it was about to fly into the street. Needless to say he didn't get to drive his parents cars ever again. He got grounded for the rest of the summer, and he just sat around and ate pot brownies everyday all day haha.
  6. It's harsh, but he's got a point.

    C'mon KeepSmokinReefa, you know better than to dick around.

    Get your shit together and do what you gotta do, because i know you can.
  7. First things first.

    I quit going to adult ed for a reason. Well i payed for the shit myself so im jus fucking myself over by not going.

    But my now ex-girlfriend told me she was pregnant and i know i was the only one she has been with in awhile. Then another ex-girlfriend of mine, This one before the one i jus said, Told me she was pregnant but dont think its mine. I told her get real, Thats real close timing it could damn well be mine. But she was fucking another ***** before and after we was together.

    Well i heard this shit, Then my house almost went up for sale and tooken from us because we couldnt afford the mortgage because my pops a dumbass. He'd be buyin weight instead of payin bills.

    So i fucking quit going to class. Started out jus a couple days when i found out i might become a father. I skipped with some homies and got blunted.

    Then i got on my hustle n bustle. Makin loot to pay bills and then for funds for incase of the pregnancy. Then now i found out the one was almost three weeks late on her period but then started. The other ones 4 something months pregnant but the dates dont really match up so im pretty sure it aient mine.

    But ima still be there for it, Ova show. We're still kinda on kinda off. Its kinda weird and akward because a dude i fucking hate is involved because more then likley its his kid.

    But thats why.

    I left to get on the paper trail. Needed the quick cash and got on it. All day is usually chill. Maybe get rid of some trees. But at nights when the money was coming in.

    Now i'm slowing down on it, But im still fucked school wise. Im bout to get a legit job, Well im tryin. But ima always piss dirty.
  8. You should look into trades, man.

    They pay you to learn. If you're good with your hands and don't mind working hard, then it could be something to consider.

    I'm never going to tell you to go to school. You know best.
    School was never my thing, i fucking hated it. It just led to me getting in fights, in trouble and pissed off in general.
  9. Rasta Mon speaks the truth there is some serious money to be made in trades, you should really look into that.:D
  10. it will be all good KeepSmokinReefer... this bowl will be for you for no real reason
  11. Can't say it any better. Whatever you decide to do, do it well. You're obviously an intelligent guy with his head in the right place, just some bad pick yourself up, try to avoid all those things that were gettin you in trouble. Condom is your best bet to avoid a life indebted to a child you didn't want.
  12. Sounds like the adult ed isn't doing him any good. He can't even spell, I know KSR is from the "ghetto" but wtf. Learn how to speak and type, it's not that hard. Get your fucking priorities straight jackass.
  13. Hey fuck you man, who the hell are you. Looks like you need to go back to kindergarten and learn that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all

    And KSR, I'm glad you didn't get kicked out, or hit by the bus. stay safe man:smoking:

  14. Man, i might be a bit of a hypocrit on the issue, but what's with the negativity?

    It's not even constructive. We don't always agree around here, but we all make the best effort to be constructive and not to step all over people.

    We get enough of that from other people for our hobby (smoking weed), we don't need to be ripping into eachother.

    KSR is a fucking smart guy, he gets it. Don't bitch him out for lethargy.

    You're obviously new around here. We've been harsh welcoming some people before. I know i have personally. I don't want that.
    Welcome to Grasscity. I'm proud being part of this community because we're all able to understand eachother and push past our difference and petty name-calling.

    "I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations, neither are you here to live up to mine."
    - Peter Tosh​
  15. i neged you jagothreat

  16. Damn thats the second new guy in a row that i've seen with a 'tude.

  17. Words of the wise R_M, as usual

    Jango, I apologise for ripping into you, but it was somewhat deserved, I'm just sick of all the negative people around here. We are all cool people here, except for a few, so just be chill and everything will be cool:smoking:
  18. You sound like my fucking dad, shut up. you say everyone can understand everyone. Mr.bubbles negative repped me and called me an "ass fucking hole"

    Fuck you loser, your the asshole, I didn't call you any names, I just think that KSR is being a dumbass for going to adult ed. and fucking up instead of making something of himself. What a waste of a human being.

    Dude, fuck you. Somewhat deserved? you telling me to go back to kindergarten is just as bad as what i said to KSR, and what the fuck kinda name is redzeppelin? It's LED ZEPPELIN dumbass.
  19. You peice of shit.

    You'll been banned in no time with that attitude, so luckily we won't have to deal with you.

    Assholes like you are the reason cannabis is still illegal.

    Bubs is right, you are an asshole, neg rep is the least of your worries, bro.

    Guys with attitudes like you, don't keep their teeth for long. Seriously, you watch out who you talk to like that on the street, it'll get you hurt.
  20. ya you shoul probably just have an abortion and join the army.

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