Supreme Court rules once you are CUFFED your car CANNOT be searched

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  1. Colleague forwarded this to me. I thought it may be of interest to my fellow blades:

  2. Thats cool, but its just another law that WILL be IGNORED :(

  3. qft...
  4. Yeah but whats gonna stop them from searching your car once your handcuffed?

  5. nothing. I got the shit beat outta me by over 10 cops and 2 k-9's they can do whatever they want and they will.

    FUCK THE POLICE :smoking:
  6. I'll agree with that, fuck MOST police..
    What happened man? Care to share?
  7. Sweet, thanks for sharing. And if that shit does happen to anyone you do have the right to appeal in court.

    Education > Dirty Cops.
  8. i drank beer with a tennessee cop when i was 19 haha i was his backup drummer for his local band

  9. Don't wanna jack the thread, so long story short. Friend wanted to rob a store without telling me. Cops show up we run he gets away I get all the heat cops beat me up all hitting me with flashlights,batons,fist,boots and holding a gun to my head telling me to stop resisting arrest(while cuffed) and then picking me up by cuffs and throwing me face first in the thorns then sicked both dogs on me. 3 cracked ribs to black eyes bruises everywhere, carpal tunnel from the cuffs and scars from my neck to lower back :wave:

    Call me a sick fuck, but nothing gets me more excited than hearing a story of a cop being killed.
  10. yea i fuckin wish.. i got picked up for the second time this month for posession last thursday.. cuffed me and searched the fuck outta the car.. im glad to say im now done with that business and am looking for a job.. that is if they dont send me to jail..
  11. they know the law will be ignored. the law is there so that when a cop does ignore the law the person that got searched would be able to get the evidence thrown out in court and therefore unusable.

    yes they will find you stuff, and probably confiscate it, but all you have to do is request the dash cam tapes from the incident and that will show them searching after cuffing.

    i would rather have my stash taken than being thrown in jail.

  12. thats what i was thinking when reading this.

    people will use this in courts to get out of trouble! lol

    hopefully the pigs do ignore it, more people will walk free, or at least avoid charges
  13. This does not apply to any situation where there is any reasonable suspicion of a weapon.

    In this case, the officer had no suspicion since it was just a traffic violation, notice that the article says traffic violation.

    Anytime you are caught with a controlled substance, had a joint in your ashtray, whatever they have reasonable suspicion of a weapon and can search your car after you are cuffed.

    So if you already have a warrant out and get caught during a traffic violation they may not search your car after cuffing you without suspicion of a weapon. If you are cuffed because of any possesion charge inside your vehicle then they can still search after cuffing you.

    Just putting this decision by the supreme court in perspective
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    That's the kind of shit that makes me want to be a cop. So I can be one of the very few straight and honest cops.

    Also, to anyone who is excited about this being a freebie to having your care not searched, if you read the end of the article in the link there is much more info on circumstance. It's not just, if you are cuffed they can't search your car.
  15. Exactly. Although now, if you're not an idiot it's near impossible to get searched. Unless of course a K9 comes into play, that's a whole other ball game.

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