Supreme Court Hands Medical Marijuana Major Victory

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  1. Supreme Court Hands Medical Marijuana Major Victory
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  5. For those of you in states with no MMJ laws I would email this story to your representatives. One of the most common fears of a state rep. seems to be that the federal government somehow trumps state law with regards to MMJ. They shouldn't be so wary with this Supreme Court ruling. Seriously, if you want to help the movement keep your reps. posted with news stories like these.
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    I have a feeling those Board members aren't going to be keeping their jobs for very long....fucking SWEET :D

    You SD residents better damn well vote those cocksuckers out of their positions. Vote in some people who aren't goddamned retarded! "Federal law trumps state law!" No it doesn't, the Constitution trumps everybody, and it fucking says right in it what the Feds can control. Drugs aren't named in the Constitution, therefore Congress has absolutely NO right to legislate against it. It says pretty clearly that whatever isn't explicitly listed as a power of Congress, or is necessary to carry out THOSE powers (NOT every damn law they find proper for them to legislate :rolleyes:), is to be left up to the States. It really pisses me off how everybody just ignores this little tidbit of the Constitution, all because some dumbshit judges over the years have misinterpreted the document and given more and more and more power to the Feds :mad:
  8. That would be very tough for San Diego - the politicians down there have been right-wing nut-jobs for decades. Probably won't change now, the alcohol and military lobby are too strong down there. They can't have anything that would challenge their bars and beer lifestyle - one of the main reasons I left a decade ago.
  9. :hello: Awesome news!!! Just emailed Steve Oelrich and Bill Nelson about this.
  10. I just e-mailed it to the whole damn state government in South Carolina.

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