Supreme Court Considers Legality Of Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones -____-

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  1. A buffer zone is basically a zone where people can stand and protest or talk to the females going into Places that offer abortions. Whether it be hate speech , Jesus speech , or ignorant speech. For now they aren't allowed I think about 8ft near yellow lines that separate them from the door. As long as they stay that far away it's all good.

    We'll now Supreme Court wants to rule that law out to make it where there is no buffer zone , to make it where they can harass these females as much and as close as they would like , to some extent. And their reason to want to do so is because "freedom of speech"...

    I think that's freedom of harassment , or freedom of hate. Not freedom of speech

    I think it's all ridiculous . If you don't want an abortion , dont get one. If you don't agree with it ,get over it. It's not your life , it's not your body , it's not your decision. Think about the poor girls who went to planned parenthood to get some condoms , information , or birth control getting baby killer yelled at them.

    Abortion is legal , it should always be , and no one gives a flying fuck about your opinion opposing the matter. It's not your vagizzle , so it's not your choice.
  2. Fucking ridiculous. It's insane that the pro-lifers are allowed to violently, disgustingly harass women even 8 feet away (which is nothing).
    More of Conservatives getting what they want in America. I want to leave this country when I can.
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  4. I don't really understand how it's a violation of free speech. You're still going to know what they're protesting regardless of whether they are right in your face or 35ft away. Fat ass signs and screaming slogans and all that crap. It just insures the safety of those walking in the clinics.

    The real question is do the protesters have the right to try and intimidate people who are minding their own business.
  5. Sad to think the protesters may gain more rights that directly infringe on the rights of privacy for the visitors to the clinics. :smoke:
  6. I really didn't know it was this big of a issue. Like who goes to protest/harass these people? Im not a fan of people wearing crocs but I dont protest the croc store that often to yell slurs at all those croc wearing people.
  7. Quit whining, go get your baby sucked out of you and continue with your life. 
    Does it really matter that some crackpot is yelling snide remarks outside your favorite abortion clinic? 
    People need some thicker skins if something like this bothers them. You are in fact preventing a life from experiencing Earth. You're going to piss a few people off, that's life. 
  8. Some people get so angry that they're "killing babies" that they try to scare, harm or even kill women or the workers. Because that's better.
  9. They're still going to harass. It's not like you forget what you hear from them in a buffer zone, so really its just a 'respect people's boundaries' thing. Which, obviously they don't. Because they want to reach up your uterus and make your decisions for you. They still can't legally harm you or physically keep you out of the clinic. 
  10. It's not a matter of whining. Without the buffer zone protesters were forcing visitors to squeeze through the protesters to get to the door. Not all visitors enter for abortions. Checkups, birth control, and other services are offered.
    They don't need thicker skins, they need to experience a little common curtesy. :smoke:
  11. Did I make you mad? 
    Why because I'm all for protesters being allowed to protest as they wish? 
  12. But those protesters are only protesting abortion. 
    If I'm wrong, I apologize. 
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    Those protesters can do a fine job of getting their message across to those that actually give a shit without blocking the entrances or trying any other forceful method of preventing people from getting inside the clinic or violating people personal space.

    They're fine even with the buffer zones
  14. That is all they're protesting. However most locations that they protest at offer a menu of services. The protesters don't know, nor care who is there for what. A 35 ft buffer zone is not unreasonable. The case is based on some protesters being upset that they can't physically hand flyers, or grab the attention, to/of clients that approach from an opposing direction. :smoke:
  15. If you are willing to kill a baby that's isnide you, then no sympathy for you. It's murder
  16. Good thing they're not killing babies.
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    Are you mad Does this really bother you THAT much?
  18. You are entitled to your opinion, but what part of other services do you not understand? I guess you would side with those that throw water on smokers too. "You're killing yourself and others, murderer". :smoke:
  19. Yes they are, it's a fetus waiting to become a "baby". If my mom decided to abort me I wouldn't have my life, which I love. Your sick in the head for aborting a life that didn't have a chance.
  20. No. the thing is the baby your killing didn't even get a chance which isn't fair.

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