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Supreme Court carves out another exception to the 4th Amendment (Search Warrant req.)

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by notime4schwag, May 17, 2011.

  1. Supreme Court: Supreme Court gives police a new entryway into homes -

    "The justices in an 8-1 decision said officers who loudly knock on a door and then hear sounds suggesting evidence is being destroyed may break down the door and enter without a search warrant.
    Residents who "attempt to destroy evidence have only themselves to blame" when police burst in, said Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr.

    In the past, the court has said police usually may not enter a home unless they have a search warrant or the permission of the owner. As Alito said, "The 4th Amendment has drawn a firm line at the entrance to the house."

  2. So basically they can claim they heard a noise and break into anyones home at anytime? Lame.
  3. What the fuck kind of sound evidence is there? Oh no someones flushing a toilet. That means they have drugs!!!
  4. Wow that's too fucked up. I hope they get greeted with an AK at the door.
  5. We are sooo fucked...... Fuck!
  6. Okay so I really don't understand their rationale. Like if they hear the evidence being destroyed, isn't it already too late and the evidence is gone? This infuriates me to the nth degree. Hope ya'll are ready to quarter police officers in your home, which is probably what they'll decide is best for us next.

  7. For real, the government needs to back to fuck off with this shit. How can our judicial system be legit when they don't even fallow the founding rules? Furthermore, WHO THE FUCK would want this? I sure as fuck didn't vote for a clear violation of my amended rights.
  8. I bet Scalia was strongly in favor.

  9. That's just the thing. They sneak this shit in all the time because we 1. Are completely misinformed on what's going on. 2. Don't have the time to take a political interest because we are too busy working our lives away to pay taxes. Basically they (lawmakers) decide what is best for the people, and we have no say.

    What it comes down to is us (the people) being too lazy, dumb, misinformed, ignorant, what have you, to fucking stand up and not take the shit they try to pull on us. They do this shit because we let them. Wake up America!

  10. Exactly! A lot of people are ignorant and will stand of for this corrupt system without fully understanding the gravity of the situation and are too fucking lazy to read up on what's actually going on.
  11. welcome to america, where you can lose ten freedoms in a day and still not wanna do anything about it til tomorrow:wave:
  12. If you don't like it, fucking move. Go to china and whine to them about corrupt american freedoms.
  13. That's not the point. It's always worse somewhere else.

    This is our government shitting on the constitution in the name of a drug war against americans. People who are against unconstitutional laws are the true patriots. Those who bash fellow americans for wanting morally just and ethical constitutional rights are the ones being unamerican.
  14. Go to China and see how much they crap on you there.

  15. That's not the point. Of course you'll get shit on in China, they are a Communist government and have several human rights violations. The point is the country was founded on individual freedom and the government is trying to take it back little by little. It lends itself to a debate as old as the constitution itself, Should the constitution be interpreted loosely or followed word for word? Either way the people shouldn't stand for an infringement of privacy. People shouldn't have to live how the government seems fit, they should live how they please.

    My biggest gripe is why anyone or any group of people feel the need to control and exploit the masses. No one should be able to tell you how to live. But I guess it's just human nature for some to be power hungry.
  16. utter bullsh*t...oh & look, trollboy1981 has decided to join the discussion...don't troll on me...brah
  17. BBC NEWS | In Depth

    What American freedoms? An argument about human rights violations would hardly stand either, we don't trail that far behind China. America is free for big business, and the rich elite. As others are saying, people need to open their eyes for once.
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    Go live in North Korea or Libya if you love obeying without question any and every order that comes from a dictator like government. You'd love it there cause they don't allow people to voice any negative opinions about the government.

    Whenever people discourage voicing opinions criticizing our govt, they're discouraging democracy. Telling people to love it or leave it is not a productive way of trying to make your country better. Voicing our opinions on our government is a productive way of trying to make our country better by telling them what we want.
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  19. this is not gooooood, not goood at all
  20. So if you're taking a shit and there's a loud banging on the door, you better not flush before you try to answer it.

    Sounds reasonable

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