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Suppressing Munchies?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ktoke, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. I know its been asked, but I'm wondering if there's any fresh advice
    My parents don't know I smoke, so I'm limited to what I can sneak in my pockets. The problem is there aren't a lot of foods in my house I don't need to cook in some way.
    I have a fridge in my room, so cold stuff (ice cream, pizza, etc) works, but I don't have any
    My parents are health nuts tho, so there's all kinds of healthy filling stuff, but it kills the high.
    Anything I can eat beforehand to stop them? Or during to help suppress?
    For the next 15ish minutes I'm here alone, after that my family watches TV down here till like midnight
  2. Ha, just get some candy!
  3. :confused_2: eating healthy kills the high?
    go buy your own groceries
    problem solved ;)
  4. Not that only healthy things, but eating in general messes it up for me, that's why I try to eat as little as possible, so I gotta supress the munchies. And here we are at square 1 again

    Usually I do buy my own stuff, but I work seasonally, and the only places hiring drug test every employee. Got my final paycheck the other week :(
  5. eat before getting stoooned, will help curb the munchies.
  6. I know it sounds strange, but I brush my teeth. It stops me from wanting to eat.
  7. I'm wondering the same. I'm heavy into my lifting right now and am on a cut, so I can't give in to munchies. I've smoked before where I had no desire for food, and sometimes when I literally couldn't control myself. Maybe it's all about getting involved in something else? Like music or tv or whatever?
  8. I find eating anything after I smoked will kill the high. Personally I just smoke one before n after. If you want to avoid the munchies though, just eat abit before you smoke. 
  9. I guess I just gotta be hungry. The past few days I've been munching very little. Usually I pack a fruit and a granola bar. Fills you up enough so you're not starving, but you're still gonna be hungry. Also I've been drinking a lot of water
  10. If you are not employed, and your smoke is a big reason WHY you're not employed, munchies are not your problem.
    Give up the habit for a month, get a job, and then return to it in a responsible way that doesn't interfere with said job if you'd like.  If you can't do that, then you really need to get some help.
    Can someone explain how this is possible? This isn't the first time I've heard about eating munchies killing the high, but I just have never experienced it myself. 

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