Supposed Kindney Infection

Discussion in 'General' started by padams868, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. SO I hurt my back longboarding, and it's just a pulled muscle. Ive been off my feet for about 3 days. I smoke Mary Jane alot, so my back pain and tiredness equal my grandmother thinking I have a kidney infection....We'll see how that plays out.... This is really just a pointless post but it's pretty funny lol.
  2. Owwwwwww kidney infections reeally fucking hurt :'(

    Ahaha but are you going along with it? Lmao!!
  3. No lol. I told them I was fine. I can even skate , but it = hurts when I sit down and stand up. Just a back back sprain. Have you had a kidney infection? :)
  4. ohhhh ahaha! that would of been funny tho ahaha

    yes :(( it sucked lol but i was in the er so i was getting pain meds muahahaha :p
  5. im in process of drowning my kidneys

  6. WHat's that? ;o

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