Supposed Facts on Marijuana?

Discussion in 'General' started by CarolinaSon, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Below is a site I found while doing some research for an upcoming speech in Boca Raton Florida. This site is for parents who need the facts on Marijuana. There is a feedback section and I encourage you to express your view. Enjoy!
  2. Always a Pleasure!!

    Helping spread the Medical Marijuana 'word' across this land is exciting.//Timothy(aka COmidnightrider46)

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    Oh dude! your marijuana facts are all wrong let me retell it all for you.
    * Marijuana is green and so is posion and poison kills people. * Marijuana has the word mary in it and smoking it will cause a mary to kill you. * Marijuana is from the earth the earth is dirty and so is marijuana * Marijuana is all natural and so are Tyrannus Taurus Rex and we know they aren't nice * Marijuana stays in your sytem for 30 days causing you to intoxicated. * Marijuana make your eyes red and red is the color of blood. Blood means danger to body. Don't harm your body don't smoke drugs
    Glad we cleared things up here. Hope we make Breakthroughs now on teaching people the real truths about marijuana. I want to reach the little ones and by making just one life drug-free. Will mnake this all worth-whiled.

  4. holy shit! they're just down the road from me.
    ... or at least the address they gave for parents to mail in the names of children who ought to be remembered for their tragic, stoned deaths is near me.

    the town they mention in the headshop raids is actually where I live... one of those is right near my high school, the other is right near my apartment! i was there this weekend! Hee. that makes me happy. It would appear the "raids" were uber effective! *eyeroll*

    ... and I think my dad wrote the survey filled out by nebraska high school kids. Or at least his firm did.

    ... I'm sorry. On behalf of all the nice friendly smokers from nebraska, I'm sorry.

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