Suppose Ron Paul Gets Elected.

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    Consider the past presidents, and now let's realize they are puppets.

    Would Ron Paul REALLY accomplish abolishing the FED? You think a system that has been steadily getting stronger would let one politician ruin their profits and power?

  2. i would hope that by the time he's elected, the majority of the US (& congress) will understand why abolishing the fed is important
  3. So many views (Ron Paul supporters no doubt), yet no one cares to reply?

    No one argues against the fact all politicians are bought out?
  4. Getting him to become President isn't the end of the fight. Education and reasoning is the next step, where we help the masses understand the horrible nature of the Federal Reserve. If people understand this and activitely show support to him and demand action from their representatives, change will happen.

    Even if the politicians don't get on board, the public should hopefully act as an insurance system to get rid of it.
  5. My guess, if elected, Dr. Paul would face resistance from neo-cons on foreign policy, democrats on entitlements, but he would have the platform to persuade the public as President to start voting these ppl out in his 2012 election and the 2014 mid-terms.

    It will not be a walk in the park on Sunday if he's elected. The establishment is powerful. Taking on central banking, military corporations, multi-nationals, and drug warrior Christian zealots is no easy task. It will be an uphill battle most of the way, but its a fight worth taking up.
  6. It would all depend on what happens the next midyear election, and who takes the majority in both houses.

    Constitutionally speaking however, I don't think Ron Paul would have much ability to sway legislation against a divided Congress. Especially because Paul believes in limiting the power of the executive branch, he will most of the time be taking a backseat to whatever Congress decides to do.

    He can't actually abolish central banking or drug prohibition laws or repeal the Patriot Act, but I believe he will put an honest effort in.

    Also I don't think there's much room for him to be "bought out" in terms of money or power. He really just wants to put America in a better position
  7. Ron Paul has started a huge movement from the fringe of American politics, imagine the influence he will have as President.

    At the very least he could nominate conservatives to be Fed chairman, instead of keynesians like Greenspan or Bernanke.
  8. are you suggesting the president would be powerless and be unable to act just because he literally lacks the power in the behind the scenes reality or that the weight of the system stacked against him would be too much? or that they would kill him?

    the first one is possible but unlikely and if so then we truly do need a good ol populist uprising/revolution

    the second one is most likely the truth and i think with the support from the people he will be able to make progress as long as his ideals create a new trend in politics

    the third one he becomes the historical martyr that sparked our uprising/revolution
  9. If RP gets elected I expect the USA to get very shaken up. He would kick all the special interests out and start trying to restore Americas Republic to its former glory. A corporate smear campaign would begin almost immediately. Not much would change at first other then the Wars coming to an end asap and crazy spending would stop. He would use the platform to educate the American ppl on the fraud of crony capitalism and the central banks and get the rest of America on board with ending the fed.

    He is the only politician that gives me hope that our country(USA) will not completely collapse in the next 5-15 years. If you think he is a puppet check his track record on voting he would seem to be a puppet of the Constitution which I think I could deal with.
  10. Chaos magic works!:hello: Next, dragons.:)

  11. Honestly I am truly worried for RP. I'm hopeful but realistic.

    Hear this: the puppet masters are the epitome of authentic evil.

  12. Or maybe he'll shrug his shoulders and say "Nothing one man can do to change this mess."

    Maybe he'll say "I'm not a tyrant, I can't force Congress to do what I want, so I'll start from a position of compromise and surely they'll see my earnest effort to forge an equitable consensus and come to the table with their own compromises." But then they won't and he'll just end up being another NeoCon patsy.

    Maybe once he's the front runner for the Republican nomination, the MIC will come to him and he'll make a deal with the devil. And then once elected he'll say "We can't just bring all of our troops home. We can't leave Afghanistan to the Taliban. We can't leave Pakistani nukes vulnerable to the terrorists. We have to bring liberty to the Libyan people.

    Maybe when he talks of abolishing the Fed, Wall St. will start tanking, and he'll say "We have to act to protect the job and investments of 300million hardworking Americans"...
  13. He is the only person with enough balls to come out and say that our congress is incapable of working together because they are bought, and refuse to compromise in fear of losing funding. When we start to take the money out of politics like he wants maybe we can get some things done. But until then we're just kicking the can.
  14. RP would not use presidential directives to impose martial law and remove all constitutional rights. RP would not send US troops in to ever expanding unconstitutional wars. RP would not support a post industrial society.

    This would present a big problem for the puppet masters and the military industrial complex because they have plans that must remain on schedule.

    Do you not see them working their plans on us and the rest of the world?

    Skull & Bones: George W. Bush and John Kerry at Yale

    I remind you all that Reagen was forced to pick Skull & Bonesmen George Bush Sr. as his VP on the night of his nomination and he was promptly shot weeks in to his presidency.
  15. People seem to forget that if Ron Paul is actually elected that means a large number of the country agrees with him.

    Our representatives in congress will follow suit if they want to stay in congress.
  16. JFK stood up for We The People...we know what happened there...

    RP may win by popular vote, but we witnessed how worthless the popular vote is with Bush Jr, twice in a row...

    In the end, unless We The People remove, even if by force, those in all D.C. offices today, there will be no chance to help this once great will sink into oblivion while those responsible, sit in luxury in a foreign land, protected by those that the US military have armed and trained.:(

  17. RP is riding quite the tide.

  18. This is exactly my concern with the election. Obama was a scape goat to the elite. He set our economy for failure so we can implement a global currency and a more globalized government.

    The change starts at the voting ballots, if those even matter these days..
  19. @JFK: He didn't stand up for the people. He didn't stand up to the Federal Reserve. The Executive Order you're going to cite (can't remember the number) didn't affect the Federal Reserve at all.

    @Electronic voting machines: You won't be able to verify their integrity unless you look at the source code (the few experts that have seen source code for these machines don't consider them to be secure) or you can hand count all the ballots (which won't happen).

    @OP: Given your ridiculous premise, RP is still the best presidential candidate that I'm aware of.
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    RP is in the mix to keep the nuts from cracking.

    I'll go find a figure later, but I'm sure there are a lot of people sitting around in small apartments on disability due to a mental condition.

    Ron Paul missed the Iowa straw poll by 152 votes to Bachmann. Ouch.

    Check her out in these tight black pants. I think I'd bang her.:smoking:

    Bachmann tops Iowa straw poll as Perry joins GOP race -

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