Supporting heavy branches?

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  1. I have some heavy branches that are in need of some support. I'm thinking about using bamboo stakes and nylon string to help hold some weight . Anyone have any ideas or techniques that they use that might be better?? Please share!
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  2. That'd work fine... or buy/make a support net to hold them up..
  3. You can't go wrong with bamboo, my friend. I hammered about 5 pieces of bamboo in and around the plant..

    Good luck buddy

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  4. Dave_jam, what do you use along with the bamboo to provide support? String? Also how do you attach it? I've never done this before so I don't want to cause any harm
  5. image.jpeg I wrapped mine with trellis secured by 4 poles in a square.
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  6. Michiganman, mine are no where near that big. Those are lovely. I put in some small stakes and secured the string to the stake then under the branch then back up to the stake. Seems to help but I don't want to apply too much pressure to the branch (from the string contact point)
  7. I try to avoid tying anything to a branch. I just do a wrap around and weave a few long branches through the trellis holes. Holds up good. My stakes are 6' and the plants tower over them so I might throw a trellis over top as well for extra support.
  8. also thanks for the compliment
  9. Also you can't tell but when the plants were very young I started them with a bamboo stake right next to them in the middle and used small bungee cord to loosely wrap around the main stem for extra support
  10. I didn't tie anything directly to the branch, I just went under it and back up to the bamboo stake. Maybe it would be better to run the string like you have yours. I'm not sure but I want to help them without causing any damage or undo stress
  11. I made a square pvc frame and than attached slings using string and a t-shirt strips. IMG_4243.JPG IMG_4260.JPG

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