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Support Kaie Sierra

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hemp Hippie, May 28, 2002.

  1. If you haven't heard Katie was suspendend from her high school in west Virginia for wearing an anarchy t_Shirt , they may be hicks but let's protect our rights, two days later an college student was questioned by the FBI for haveing posters in her room against george bush's use of the death penalty. Fire up HUAC and let's hunt some commies ! this is so un american I smell a government cospiracy, God Bless America, post any thing if you think I'm right of wrong for that matter

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  2. Well there are a bunch of sites of the bes results just do a search o the web for "Katie Sierra Anarchy in sissionville"
    that's how i found e'm sorry I don't know them off the top of my head
  3. I got expelled in my junior of high school for wearing a hmemade ananrchi shirt.But i wasnt bitchin that was just a vacaton for me.
  4. our country was formed from going aganst what the "personal opinions " of the rich and powerful believed in
  5. well thats bullshit but schools run our lives as teenagers, and always will own peoples lives..... thats what they do
  6. im out of school with no kids,,,,but if i did have kids i would do what ever it took to home school them for their bullshit they tried to brainwash me
  7. Katie seirria is my hero, and now she is fighting My Battle in Court, The same right we all want, the right to speak up and campaigne for the legalization of our friend Mary-Jane she wants us all to be free from war and happie! so what's with the anarchy thing? anarchy is the concept of no government control of any thing,that's what we have now in the US but she calls for total anarchy, NO Goverment at all! It's a good and fun idea, but it just won't work, any way support our Girl


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  8. there was a protest in berlin of george bush and a sign read

    "If you can read this then you're not the president"

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