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Supplying the medical dispensaries??

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by cody8892000, Feb 9, 2009.

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    Ok, i am 18 and graduate highschool this year......i have not done much research "yet".....but i am very VERY interested in starting a life long career in medical marijuana supply......i was thinking about going to college to get a degree in botany....but then i began to think that might be a waste.....growing weed really isnt hard with the right supplies and right setup.......which with a little money and space isnt hard at whats your advice??
    I have plans of going to oaksterdam as soon as time and school allows.....after that i plan on getting a small house in the emrald triangle somewhere where laws are most pot friendly......

    MY DEAM not be a dispensarie but supply the with other companies that produce hash or edibles with my trimmings :)

    I want to start small then go big (of course) i would like to make enough money to buy a 100ft x 25ft building with rows and rows of ganja..........have wall mounted fans everywhere for ventialtion and 1000watt HPS every 10 ft over each 5 rows of marijuana.....plants will be a variation of 100% indica and 100% sativa and 50 50.......grow only the best g13 sour diesel white widow..........have a sectioned off area for seed production and cross pollination........
    even have flush systems with big tanks of water and fertilizers and set up huge hydroponics system
    also there will be walk ways between the rows instead of a solid bush so i can pick out the males and isolate ALL hermies and have lots of sensi

    and of course if i had that people would try to steal it so i would have 3 rows of 10ft tall fence all the way around the farm and razors wire all the way around and be charged with 110volts and signs to let people know it is possible make a 5ft deep barrier of concrete so people couldnt dig their way in haha ............."yes i am high"

    and yes i know DEA would shut that down as soon as they found out............but if i start now then i can only hope by the time i get to that point laws will be changed
  2. Theres an actual university out in california, I believe its in Oakland, where they offer degrees in botany, and also teach you everything about MMJ and the laws surrounding drugs/MMJ in general. It would be something to look into I guess, if youre really interested in the subject. I've thought about it myself. Wouldn't be a bad lifestyle at all. Would be alot easier if the DEA eases off once Obama puts new people in office there.
  3. look at my 5th sentece haha thanks and yes i am very very serious about actually going through with it
  4. Being a vendor isn't easy man, don't be confused.

  5. Ohhh haha, sorry I didnt think you looked that far into it. A lot of people come on here and start talking about growing for a living without looking into it. I'd assume you could do well with that, as long as you have the support of people around you, or can pay for it yourself. I cant imagine your parents paying for mary jane school if they dont agree with or understand your stance.
  6. Parents will pay if i can give proven facts stating that it is possible and not just a big dream and that im really serious about making a carrer out of it
  7. i know its not easy and i am not even looking for information specifically even though its appreciated....just guide me in the right direction or towards the place that would have the information i just have never been taught anything of it before and i really appreciate ANY input...
  8. 1. get your medical recommendation 2. grow lots of bud 3. become a medical marijuana delivery man 4. repeat step 2
  9. So in order to grow and sell for medicinal purposes i too will have to get a med. card??
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    A grow card, there's 2 cards issued. The grow card, and the patient. I believe the patient gets 2, and can choose who or if he/she wants to be the grower and keep the card, both persons have to be registered. The grower cannot use the marijuana, unless obviously it is the patient as well. This is assuming medical marijuana field still. ;)
  11. you must have a medical card and very high quality bud. from my experiences in growing it will take a few years before you can consistently grow very high quality bud. not only that but you have to be able to produce a lot of high quality bud all the time.

    also note that without caregiver sign offs it is illegal to grow more then your state limit. so if you did get busted you would be charged like anyone else growing weed, so basically a few felonies. if you could get your parents to both get medical cards and have them do care giver sign offs for your grow location, then you can get your plant limit raised some.

    i do not doubt your growing abilities at all im just saying for most people it will likely be a few years before it will be medical quality and be that way all the time. good luck! yes you could make it a career, look at it as the next few years are working towards your career.
  12. Pipe dreams...
  13. QFT.

    The easiest way to go about doing this, try to get your parents involved, have them get the cards, give them off to you, contact the dispensaries, show them what you got to work with, and see if they'll 'hire' you. I guess if that's how it works lol.

  14. WHAT? What state is THIS in, 'cause I've never heard of it.
  15. Yeah this dudes from the Pacific Northwest he's got it twisted. Remember, medical bud in cali operates in a "grey area".

    This is a site to teach people how to grow(mostly) and not depend on dealers. Try

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