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Supply Chain Issues - How to break it down?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lovethebud24, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    me and my smokin buddy are new to smokin (only started about 3 mos ago) but what was gonna be a 1 time thing turned into every weekend.

    I get my supply through a close friend, who gets it from a friend (call him Jim), who gets it from the dealer. As you can imagine, I'm pretty pissed about this chain of supply - it's just too difficult. I've asked to meet the dealer several times, and I've been told that "he doesn't meet new people, he is really careful cause he got shook down by the FBI a couple years ago".

    I wouldn't have a problem getting third hand weed except that the turn around time (recently) has been 2 weeks for about 2g. It's insane. Last weekend I was dry and was throwin a fit cause the friend had the dank, just turned her phone off and wouldn't respond to my call/texts.

    I don't wanna ruin my relationship with my friend, but I am sick of this BS. if I can't meet the dealer, I at least wanna communicate with HER friend, Jim. I do know the guy, we have smoked together at a party before and he originally got us the first batch.

    How do i cut my girl out of the chain so she doesn't get pissed and say fuck it all together? I'd have to ask her for Jim's number, so i can't do this on the sly.

    No, we don't know anyone else who could hook us up. We've racked our brains and this is the only legitimate connection we have.

    I don't wanna shoot myself in the foot and fuck up the connection all together, but 3rd hand weed is just gettin to be a pain. And I don't wanna fuck over my relationship w/ my girl cause of some herb.

    Not to mention i dislike being so far from the dealer. The quality and price has always been excellent, but I'd like to know my dealer, you know?

  2. my buddy insisted in being the middle man bc he got a cut of the deal i had enough of that and instead found out that he was ripping me off and taking weed from me...he didnt think i was weighing the stuff so i told him that his dealer shorted me and i never called my friend again for weed. instead i just got a mmj card for my sleeping disorder and now i have that middle man friend calling me up asking for weed. i told him to fcuk off
  3. Yeah, I've been weighing it regularly and it seems we're paying about $20/g for some decent mids with hairs and girl doesn't smoke so im not concerned there...

    The other thing that bothers me is that for some reason I am never able to get more than $40 at a time. I give my girlfriend $60 regularly and she always brings back $40 worth and pays me back a $20.
  4. First off $20 a gram of mids isn't a good deal. Standard price for an 8th of mids is usually $20-30. Just ask her for Jim's number. If she doesn't even smoke she shouldn't have a problem with it. Just tell her it's too much of a hassle to go through her then him then the dealer, and if you can't meet the dealer to at least give you the other kid's number.

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