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  1. Ok so my babies are in an areogarden for now but i have 2 roughneck rubbermaid tubs that are at least 10 gallons or wouldn't doubt more and i want to put just two plant in each and run a hydro system but i dont know what i need i know i need a bubbler net pots and air rocks or pods but i need to know were to get everything like can i get them at a freddys or walmart or go to a garden center or hardware. if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Aside from nutes, a pH meter and a ppm meter, lighting, odor control, fans, and ventilation pretty well all you need for the actual hydro DWC bubble setup is an air pump, vinyl tubing and air stones/diffusers.

    You can do a search for Rumpleforeskin's Bubblebucket how-to guide but really all you gotta do is put a few air stones or air diffusers in the bottom of your unit, connect them with vinyl tubing to an air pump sitting on the outside of the unit (above the water line to prevent any possible water flow into the pump) and you are all set. Just that easy.

    The more oxygen you can out into the water, the better. But, you need TINY oxygen bubbles, the smaller the better.

    Though the leaves use CO2 during photosynthesis to produce oxygen, the roots use oxygen to grow. So, in a DWC system the roots are immersed in a bubbly liquid solution. Even though the roots are "drowning" in liquid, there is so much air present that the roots think "oh crap, we have grown over the soil onto land, we need to grow and go in search of water so we don't die!". So, this is why a hydro system enjoys such explosive growth results: 1) We give the plant only what it needs (liquid food instead of dirt, which the plant can't use anyway) and 2)A buttload of air to trick the roots into growing farther and faster for us.
  3. If you're in the Anchorage area they have a pretty legit hydroponic store, just google anchorage hydroponics
  4. yeah im in the anchorage area thx breezin im goin to top by there. and thx Wasabe u helped out alot to but what should my ph level be at and my ppm and does it matter on what water i use and if the room isnt sealed and i got a air purifier in there do i need the vents?

  5. I shoot for 5.6 pH it doesn't have to always be that. There's a big gap that cannabis will happily grow in which ranges from about 5.2-6.6 (or therebouts). So, if you are in the mid-upper 5's-low 6's when you add your nutes don't even worry about adding any MORE chemicals to your water.

    Optimally your base water (before any nutes are added) should be 0ppm and pH7. You can buy 5gallon bottles of water like that at places like Lowes and perhaps your local grocery store. Also, you can purchase a reverse osmosis water filtration system (Lowes or online) that will filter your city or well water to close to 0PPM.

    Your plants will tell you what your PPM should be. If, for example your ppm is 1000 today (after being mixed very well) and tomorrow it is 900 and the water level has dropped then your plant is consuming more nutrients than water and you should raise it a little from day to day until the time comes when one day your water level has dropped but your ppm has stayed the same, then that is the ppm your strain likes (and each strain has different needs). Make sure to write down each adjustment you make so that with your next grow you can just look at your notes and apply the numbers on paper to the reservoir.

    If, though, your ppm is 1000 today and tomorrow it is 1100 then it is drinking more water than nutes and you are over-fertilizing your ladies and need to back it down a little.

    As far as an air purifier goes I can't help you there. I have a carbon filter and inline vortex fan that are more than what I need (which isn't a bad thing, when it comes to odor control the more control the better). Ona gel may help mask the odor too.

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