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  1. Hello, im currently a month into my grow. It's going good. My main light is 300w Mars. Was wanting to use something for side lighting. I have a erligpowht 45w led panel. How close can i have this 45w light to my plants without harming it?

    If it's too close, how soon will symptoms of damage be seen on the plant?

  2. Them 45W Lights should be okay at 3 Inches maybe a little closer if the heat is okay.
    You will have a hard time giving the plants light burn with a small 45W LED. Most of the time heat stress apears before light burn so don't worry about getting too close, keep at 2-6 inches :sneaky:
    Sometimes having the light as close as possible is not best as the light 'coverage' will suck.

    Damage Varys -- Could show in a day or a week, depends on how much damage the light is doing --
    As it will be side lighting I'd guess the light / plants will be moved so all is good :thumbsup:
  3. Thanks man. That's what I was thinking too. I can't even find what power the 45w actually draws. Seen one guy say 24w and another say 13w.

    About 4 hours ago I added it to my room. It sits probably 1-4 inches away from the plant. I rotate the plant every so often. So far , the plant still looks healthy. Only negative, is it raised the temp to 80 from 79. I don't feel any heat between the plant and light so I think its alright .

    I think I'm better off using it. As the top gets fuller. Underneath the canopy was missing light from the Mars. The 45w on the side really lights up that area.

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