Supplemental lighting: CFL or UFO leds?

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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to add some supplemental lighting to my grow room. I've read a lot of the debates about leds for primary lighting, but not much on its use as supplemental lighting. It is about a 3'3" x 3'3" x 6' grow space powered by a 400w hps. The 400w seems to not pump enough light, the plants often stretch for the middle, and the flowers under the canopy do not develop well (even after training). I would just get a stronger hps light, but heat has been a problem in the past, and we can't add too much juice because it might flip the circuit breaker. I'm looking at either one (or two) of the 90w ufos, which we can move around every couple of days, or 4 T5H0 CFL's (each 54 w), specifically these nlite sabre. I understand with both the cfl's and leds you can get within a few inches of the plants, but I'm not sure what would be easier and more productive for supplementing my hps light. The cfl's might be a pain to work around, I could put them on the corners of the tent but that might not get as many lumens to them. As far as the UFO led goes, I've heard so many good and bad things I'm not sure what to think. I would greatly appreciate any input on the best route to go.
  2. Anyone have any suggestions? I've looked through a lot of forums and have only seen LEDs discussed as the primary light, not supplemental.
  3. It seems as though you have done you research. I would go with the CFLs. The Ones you from that site nLite look pretty trick, I dunno about the cost of those ones in particular, but CFLs are usually cheaper. LEDs are good for getting the specific light ranges, but I dont think the cost could justify. You could probably get twice the luminosity, for the same price, out of CFLs and those nLite ones look like they could put you in the correct color range.
  4. I use both as supplemental lighting. CFL's are easy to place in tight places LED panels are pretty large and hard to get it in that "spot" you want it in. Sounds like money is not too huge of a worry so if I were you I would just buy the CFL's you can get at the store, and buy a nice LED panel. If you are worried about temps CFL's do get warm and can heat up a small area pretty fast if left unchecked. LED's are cool to the touch and put off no heat.
  5. hey, just off hand, do you need a new bulb? 3.3x3.3 is good floor space for a 400hps in my experience, no stretching and no leaning from the sides on ww, purple lady, arjan's #2, super crystal, snow cap, lsd and diesel. maybe you're just growing something that stretches no matter what? my bubblicious ALWAYS stretches, and i don't take it as an indicator that something is wrong. my others don't. are you SURE it's the light and not what you're growing?

    tho, if you do get the ufo's, i'd love to hear more about your experience with it. i'd love less heat in my space.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Skunk, we just replaced the bulb not too long ago, what I may need though is a better reflector. The one I have seems to funnel the light in the center, the buds right under the light look great, but can't seem to really get a good dispersal around the other edges. I think we might have let it veg too long, within a couple of days (even after training) the top branches shoot for the light and get burned they are getting so close. We are growing ww by the way. The stretching could also be from heat, I don't have good circulation in there yet I have to install some venting ducts. I do like the idea of using both LEDs and CFLs, I could maybe stand two CFLs in the middle, while hitting the sides with LEDs. I wonder if part of the problem people have been having with LEDs is that they don't put them close enough, you can put them up right next to the plant and they won't burn. Price isn't too much of an issue, the investment pays off quickly. If anyone else has any experience with CFLs and leds as supplemental lighting I would love to hear it, I will keep you guys posted on what I decide and how it works out.
  7. I was also thinking that putting flouros in the middle could burn the plants that grow into it, but I could put some chicken wire around the lights (or maybe something else that wouldn't get hot)to keep out intruding branches. Or maybe a little burning won't be an issue and I can just work around it.

  8. to me it sounds less light and more something else. Like the light is just fine and works like a nice standard 400hps light and that something else is your problem so that you don't need to add more lights to it or change to something else yet. Try growing another plant, sometimes you get a horrible wretch for a plant. I have this really unbelievable stretchy diesel that grows like lightening into the lights and turns black and charred on top and has to be pruned for weeks into flower. idiot plant, you think they'd sense a problem and stop biologically from growing into an inferno or something. But it's not the light, it's a multiple generation shithead plant, i keep it doing because i haven't found it's diesel match yet. When i do, i will stomp on the bitch. Maybe you have her cousin, try another type/strain before you throw out usable equipment? And maybe it's the other stuff, like you mentioned too hot, lacking vents. Plants breath, they need air exchange. Maybe do the vent thing first?
  9. Yeah, the stretching probably is mostly from the heat, earlier this year growing the same strain it didn't do that, but probably because it was colder out ... the ventilation issue does have to be addressed, I want to have that fixed before we start flowering the next batch. Earlier this year, we had three plants and they got really big (I think we consistently veg too long), so we tried to do two harvests, one with the top canopy, and then wait a few weeks and do the undergrowth. That didn't really help, the flowers on the bottom never matured that much and were not near the quality of the top ones. I figure with some side lighting we could maximize the space and maximize the yield we get, it seemed last time there were so many "wasted" flowers. I don't want to spend money with no result, but it seems to me there can never really be too much light, as long as heat isn't the issue. We use two of those bud boxes, about 3.5' x 3.5' x 4', one for veg the other for flowering, we probably will never expand beyond that (because of space), that's why I was thinking of ways to maximize yield with the space we have.

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