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  1. Sup yall,
    Ive been checking out some 4ft light bar options because I dont have much room. Current set up is 4xQB288s on an HLG-480 Driver. My poor mans HLG550V2 lol. I think I could use 2x4ft LED strip of sorts to place at the back and front side of my grow and hopefully get the DLI's more uniform accross the canopy so that im not having to constantly rotate my SOG. grow area is a 5x5.

    I came accross this option on Alibaba but before I pull the trigger i wanted to see what other options I have.
    Products Cf Led Bar Grow Light 60w 720w 70000lm 4ft Led Grow Light Bar For Seeding,Flowering,Veg,Fruit - Buy Led Grow Light Bar For Seeding,Products Cf Grow Light,Led Bar Grow Light Product on

    ideas or recommendations?
  2. The sabers supposed to be badass
  3. That's exactly what I need. Waiting to hear back from alibaba connect on details for their bar. I might go the Chinese route because I can get 2 for the price of one saber shipped.

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  4. Ok so this sucker is basically a Saber, and they offer 2 and 1 ft options along with the 4ft bar.
    They use LM301Bs, Meanwell 80w driver, and the red is 660nm.
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