Supplemental CFL for Undergrowth

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  1. I've found a few threads on this but nothing with results...

    I have a 250W HPS over two DWC in a ScroG of 5 sqft. I'm in week 5 of flowering and last week started giving them Floralicious Plus and Liquid KoolBloom. They've stretched quite a ton since the switch to flowering and left a lot of buds underneath with little light penetration. I ran over to Walmart and snagged two 42W (150W Equiv.) and set them up between the two DWC's shining and reflected upwards into the undergrowth. Automatically I can see how many immature bud sites will be allowed to develop now...potentially grams, even a quarter or half ounce extra if its not too late.

    Now, Questions:

    1) These buds are potentially 5 weeks behind, will they finish on time or within the plant life cycle or are these buds bound for the QWISO bin?

    2) Anyone have experience/stories with CFL supplements in the undergrowth and how much it benefits? I think almost a real 100W addition down there will stimulate those buds a ton...

    3) Anyone know how the heat is going to affect leaves a few inches above it? These leaves will be seeing heat and light on the underside... will they turn around, upside down? Should I train them that way?

    Any questions you can answer or experiences/speculations are greatly appreciated!
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    you should be fine just keep an eye on the lights temp near the buckets and make sure it doesnt start making your rez temp go up. but for the most part you should be good.

    pictures would be helpful
  3. Sure, here's a pic. The yellow orb being the light and the gray line being the reflector. Made out of cardboard and covered with that aluminum tape I used on the buckets. Good thinking with the res temps. I will have to watch that. My temps in the tent went up to 84 from 81 in the canopy for daytime with the addition of that CFL. Rather unbelievable but I am just going to open up more ventilation for the tent in hopes that it will release heat better.

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