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Supplement Stack for Negative Affects of Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by wizkhalifaog, Oct 19, 2014.

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    Ever since April, something was up and I didn't know what it was, I felt depressed but didn't realize it until recently. I just recently realized that ever since that time I've been kind of depressed. A lot of times when I get high I enjoy the high but still get depressing thoughts and when I'm not high I a lot of the time get annoying repetitive negative thoughts. Honestly the thought of me having anxiety or depression depresses me more or gives me negative thoughts than anything else. For the past year and a half I've smoked about almost every day.

    Little background, I'm 18, in college, real social guy, outgoing, do good in school, family is good, friends are great, but I still feel kind of lonely and trapped, negative thoughts all the time.

    I think I've always been a little bit depressed and never knew it, and could always be happy but now I think it got worse cause of smoking weed everyday. For the past month I've been taking the following supplements, multivitamin, tyrosine, fish oil, 5htp. I'm quitting weed for a month but I want to smoke it after that cause a lot of my friends do and it's fun.

    I'm going to add to this supplement stack after reading up on articles to get your mind right after marijuana use.

    Super B-Complex Vitamin
    L Tyrosine
    Valerian Root
    L Theanine
    Fish Oil

    any thoughts on this? and When to take them and which ones I should/shouldn't take? I'd really appreciate the help, thanks guys
  2. maybe you should just stop smoking weed?
  3. wtf just chill and eat some special K you dingus
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    I am taking a month break now but I just feel trapped and have a lot of negative thoughts. I'm not usually like this, so some help instead of criticism would be nice :)
  5. I always take my fish oil and multi...only supplements I take other than creatine.
    Ive done 5htp before to increase the high but to no avail.
    Melatonin 3mg before blazing once and I got a heavy body high, but it was more like a dreamy/sleep state.
    I realize you are taking the supplements to return to 'homeostasis' , but honestly, a good diet, adequate exercise, fish oil and a multi is all you need. I only take melatonin before bed cause I have to get up 5am Monday-Friday so I have to ensure I fall asleep fast.
    I take 3-4 fish oil pills a day (ill post the mg if you respond) 1 or 2 in the morning (usually 1 because I don't need the fat slowing down my digestion of my caffeine) and 2 at night. Usually take my multi post workout. If you feel you need a good multi (I take a store brand multi cuz im a broke college kid), check out, they have free shipping over 25$ or just go to the store......avoid GNC
  6. Such a dope story.
  7. Well I think it's obvious you have to move up to hard drugs

    Don't you want to be cool?


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  8. Stick with the multivitamin and fish oil, not
    As for everything else, weed isn't hard drugs and there's not a whole lot of negative side effects to combat with any kind of pre/postloading regimen.
    I use water to combat my cottonmouth.

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