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  1. Man, I did not want to do this, but a couple of my ladies stretched up into the shade cloth so I had to take drastic measures.

    This photo was taken the morning after the nighttime HST. Got some electrical tape as a bandage. You can see the growth tip starting to point back up already but I broke it pretty badly...split the stem.

    Hoping for the best and curious what you think? Have you split you stem trying to supper crop? Did she get disease? Any tips? Thanks in advance!

    Genetics: Seedsman
    Strain: Early Skunk


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  2. I've done a Seedsman skunk and super cropped / topped the hell out of her, She recovered really well!
    very good genetics so im sure it'll be fine
  3. Thanks for the encouragement. All of the side leaders are now reaching up and the rest of the lower leaders are catching up.

    I waited too long to train. Now I am forced to beat them down with HST. Lesson learned, train early.

    Seedsman Early Skunk, the girl in the original post. All healed. And leaders poining up.


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  4. I recently tried to supercrop the main on one of my Outdoor plants and I snapped it bad. I stood the branch back up and used cardboard and tape to get it back up right. That was a few days ago I haven't checked on it yet but when I do I can take picks.
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  5. Early Skunk is doing great.

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  6. Damn that's a real snap :p

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