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  1. <span style="font-family:arial, helvetica, sans-serif;">Hello, I am trying to use the "SUPERWEEDBOWL" coupon code in checkout and it's not working. I have been trying periodically since last night through today to no avail. Every time I input the code, I get a message saying the coupon is invalid. I know im spelling it right and its within the time frame for the offer. There are no exclusions that I know of, it says its good on all products. I am attaching a screenshot for proof just in case if no one gets back to me before the offer is expired, I hope that we can still work something out for me. Thank you for your time guys/gals. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!</span>
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    I would like to add that I tried using another browser, I tried deleting cookies, clearing my cache, clearing my history, and I am already accepting third party cookies. I dont know what else to try. Its still not working for me. Please someone help me out so I can make this purchase. Its a delayed gift to myself and 30% is HUGE when its taking off basically the $30 shipping plus a couple more bucks on my order. If we cant get "superweedbowl" to work, can you shoot me another code that will maybe. Thanks. Much love and respect.

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