Supervised to unsupervised probation

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  1. First time posting on here so bear with me. I'm a 21 year old with no priors and in college for mechanical engineering. March of this year I got an OVI but my lawyer was able to drop it to a reckless op, which I'm beyond thankful for. I have a few questions about my probation though. When I first met my probation officer I was dressed up in a suite, was very polite, said yes sir, thank you, made eye contact as needed, and overall gave a respectable impression on him. He said I have to do 16 hours of community service, the 72 hour drug and alcohol class, and do a MADD class before I see him mid September. I will have everything completed by the time I see him next week and he said that when I see him again he will put me on unsupervised probation for the next 9 months. I'm kind of tweaking though because I just recently got 2 noise complaint tickets which just so happen to be a freaking misdemeanor for having the music too loud in my apartment over the weekend. I know it's not a major offense but he did say that if I get in trouble again (arrested, criminal charge, idk) then it will be a problem and I will finish my original sentence which was 5 days in the local jail. I really cannot afford to go to jail, I'm just starting my classes again and for you all that are in college you know that a missed day of classes is enormous. Let alone 5 days of missed classes. I'm just hoping someone on here can give me some sort of reassurance.

    Thanks, hope it wasn't too long :)
  2. How come every fucker on this forum is either on probation or being drug tested? Sounds hard work smoking in America
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  3. Well you need to be proven guilty of the misdemeanor. So you'll have to get a lawyer and hope they can get the misdemeanors thrown out.

    I'm surprised that's a misdemeanor, you must have been warned prior to that.

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