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  1. What's up blades hope everything is well with everybody and everyone is having a blessed time blazing

    I recently had to quit the pots because of probation due to being arrested twice and well I can say I miss it very much, It hasn't been bad without it at all bcuz I've been keeping busy but just kinda sucks bcuz im always around it due to my friends who still smoke and just because it's been a daily part of my life for the past 5 years, anyway my point in this question was to ask if anybody has ever been in probation and if they have gotten their supervised probation turned into unsupervised, any comments or stories would be appreciated

    Thanks motherfuckers

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  2. If you're having probation problems i feel bad for you son... I got 99 problems, but probation ain't 1.

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    Lol. Nice outro man.
  4. if you have to pay fines, do classes or community service, then you usually have to get that done or close to being done before they cut you a deal. Don't be late in payments or miss appointments.

    Sometimes they will just let you go early if you finish your requirements and don't have violations.

    How long is it?
  5. lmao I had to make it somewhat interesting

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    2 very long years unfortunately :(

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  6. Could be worse, I had 4. If you stay away from friends that smoke its a lot easier. But that's hard when all your friends smoke like mine did lol
  7. I get that 100% it's just difficult because they're my actual real friends, the kind where you don't need to burn with them just for them to hit you up or have fun

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  8. After you quit for a few weeks it's not so bad being around people smoking but probation was a rough time for me. I got caught smoking and had a bunch of violations so it was extended a year. I ended up quitting smoking and drinking for the last year and locked myself in the house with my xbox till it was over.
  9. did they ever cut U a deal or na ? I believe in Connecticut (my state) you have to complete half of your sentence, have clean urines and complete everything on time

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  10. what did you play mostly: like rpgs -skyrim or fps -halo/cod battlefield?
  11. CoD Black Ops. I put in 50 days played that year and was one of the top ranked online haha
  12. Na I fucked up too many times they made me ride it out to the end lol

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